Peering Into the Crystal Ball of Advanced Analytics

The world of advanced analytics was evolving quickly at the end of 2020. And according to our panel of experts who volunteered predictions on the topic, the accelerated pace of change in advanced data analytics will continue in 2021.

2021 kicks off a new decade for advanced analytics, and a new attitude is apparent. GoodData CEO Roman Stanek, for one, is bullish on the potential.

“The 2010s were the ‘Lost Decade’ for data, in large part due to Silicon Valley’s misplaced obsession with Hadoop,” Stanek tells Datanami. “The 2020s, in contrast, will be data’s ‘Decade of Growth.’ Snowflake captured an entire cloud data market and will change the data landscape as we know it. Standardized cloud storage will redefine data management and the data value chain. The result? Massive growth and the software industry’s first $100 billion IPO.”

Led by Snowflake, cloud data warehouses have become popular places to organize data used by analytic teams. But in 2021, the shine begins to wear off on cloud data warehouses, states Tomer Shiran, co-founder and chief product officer at Dremio.

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