Customer Engagement And The Pandemic: How To Adapt And Thrive

Businesses have experienced many disruptions over the last several months, but few departments have faced the challenges that the contact center has endured. Between a sudden shift to remote work, an influx of calls with urgent and sensitive requests, more vulnerable customers and workforces, and a wider range of consumer concerns – it’s safe to say it’s been chaos.

Regardless of whether the worst is over or not, enough time has passed for contact center and customer experience leaders to assess, learn and adapt to the new state of consumer behavior. Righting the ship – and delivering an exceptional customer and agent experience across channels – requires us to listen to customers, analyze and respond to what’s happening in real-time, and act on the insights.

The findings are in: Brands struggled during COVID.
CallMiner recently surveyed 2,000 consumers to assess how brands responded to the pandemic, the ongoing impact on customer preferences and behavior, and how organizations can deliver exceptional customer experience in the contact center. One alarming finding: only 16% of consumers said brands handled call volumes and service requests exceptionally well during the crisis.

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