Bad news: Cursing customers stay on the phone much longer than polite ones

TechRepublic LogoCallMiner analyzed 82 million customer support calls and found that call scripts can make customers angry and more likely to swear.

While most people avoid swearing at work, letting a curse word fly from time to time does have a few advantages.

There are a few ways cursing helps:

  • You can vent without punching anyone.
  • It can boost your pain tolerance.
  • It can help you bond with your colleagues.

On the flip side, there are many good reasons to speak carefully to your colleagues and customers:

  • You can look unprofessional if you don’t time your cursing right.
  • You’ll damage your message if the audience is skeptical.
  • You could get sued if you create a hostile work environment.

The bad news if you’re managing a call center is that customers who curse will be on the line much longer than people who don’t use profanity.

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