Call Center Customers Are Angry – Here’s What You Can Do

Call Centetr Times Logo Profane words are not the typical expression you would expect to hear in the customer service world. Yet, research indicates that when consumers reach their breaking point on calls to the contact center, these are the most likely curse words that are used. Consumers call the contact center looking to be heard and have their issues resolved quickly and efficiently. But when this doesn’t occur, they can become frustrated and angry, directing profane language at the agent on the other end of the line. This growing consumer rage greatly impacts the customer experience, agent performance, contact center KPIs and more. CallMiner recently analyzed more than 82 million calls to determine the root causes of the increased irritability amongst consumers, what issues are getting under their skin and what happens when their frustration reaches a boiling point and the profanity begins to fly. 

Why Customers Are Angry

Eliminating consumer anger begins with knowing why they are agitated. According to the CallMiner Index, the underlying reason for angry customers is that they don’t feel like companies appreciate them or value their time. We conducted further research to discover the foundation of these feelings. The results revealed that the top sources of frustration for customers calling the contact center are:

  1. Long wait times
  2. Having to repeat themselves from one contact channel to the next
  3. Failure to resolve their issue on the first call
  4. Long messages before being routed to the right person
  5. Calls that are misrouted after speaking to a call center employee

And while these issues don’t always lead to consumer anger and profanity, they often do. When customers believe they aren’t a priority for your business their level of annoyance increases. When this is coupled with your organization’s lack of ability to handle even the most basic of issues, annoyance turns to anger.

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