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November 15, 2018

Business Concept: Gamification Word Cloud
Business Concept: Gamification Word Cloud

Updated May 31, 2022

Gamification is a popular strategy that contact centers use to improve employee performance as well as business results. Many contact centers have experienced increased revenues, higher sales, better collections close rates, improved compliance, a stronger employee onboarding process, and decreased employee turnover. By using gamification strategies, call centers create a better culture. For gamification to be effective, contact centers need well-defined business goals that are easily tracked with captured speech analytics data. To learn more about gamification, read our top ten blogs below.

If you’ve been reading recent posts on our user community Engagement Optimization, you’ve probably come across arguments in favor of bringing gamification into the contact center – including this article devoted to the topic. There’s good reason for this. The fact of the matter is that gamification is increasingly and widely seen as a new, exciting means of improving agent engagement and performance.

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Remote employment is becoming increasingly popular across the United States. Working from home gives employees a break from the constant office noise along with the opportunity to embrace a more flexible schedule that improves their work-life balance.

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Gamification has hit every industry over the past few years, and we’ve seen myriad ways you can use it. What has recently come to the forefront is using gamification to boost customer loyalty. And just in time. Customer loyalty programs have been flagging recently – and recent publications have argued it’s because loyalty programs aren’t building emotional connections with customers. That connection is critical, as buyers who are emotionally tapped into a brand are likely to buy more and recommend it to their network.

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Gamification is quickly becoming a leading focus point for enterprises in countless industries. In previous blog posts, we discussed how companies can gamify their contact centers to better motivate agents and some of the leading contact center gamification success stories. In this article, we’ll take a look at how companies are using gamification strategies for both employee and customer engagement beyond the contact center. Here are three of the most noteworthy examples.

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Gamification deployments are fast becoming more common – and more expansive. Business leaders now realize there are virtually no limits to how or where gamification strategies can prove valuable, as this approach has the potential to dramatically increase customer engagement and customer experience management in numerous capacities.

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Gamification has become a popular topic as it relates to customer engagement. We’ve previously covered how gamification has begun to play a key role in contact center operations, but that only scratches the surface of its potential value. In addition to improving agent productivity and attitudes, gamification can also provide a boost to an organization’s revenue through superior collections results.

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Gamification, as this blog post explained, is an increasingly important resource for a wide array of business purposes – including the contact center. Gamification is all about using game mechanics and strategies, along with rewards, to better motivate workers to excel. These efforts can be as straightforward as an Employee-of-the-Month program or more sophisticated, as in the form of gamified training programs for new hires.

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Gamification is quickly becoming a powerful force throughout the business world. A recent study from Markets and Markets, the global gamification market is on pace to reach $11 billion by 2020, which represents a massive compound annual growth rate of 46.3 percent during this period.

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Advances in technology — including speech analytics, metrics, a wider array of scrabble data, and perhaps even big data — are making gamification a must-have tool in customer relationship management, call centers, collections, sales and other business areas. Technological advances have enabled the design of games that offer employees incentives to make customers happy.

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There are several components of the company’s success: Fitbit as a brand has addressed a need in the marketplace. Surrounded by more Internet of Things products and a growing obsession with staying active, Fitbit created devices that give its users the ability to track fitness and health goals, making it one of the first devices to tackle the growing health trend while connecting a group of like-minded individuals. By addressing a pain point, Fitbit had a customer engagement strategy built into its product.

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