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For Better Customer Experience, Take a Closer Look at Context in Your Contact Center


The Team at CallMiner

July 24, 2019

A finger pointing at AI.
A finger pointing at AI.

Contact centers contain a plethora of data that can drastically impact customer experience and your customer’s overall relationship with you. It’s the place where the voice of the employee, voice of the customer and the overall brand perception is conveyed. With all the interactions and words being exchanged and the importance of the insights that can be derived, it’s essential to consider the context of every conversation to ensure your products, employees and data is working for you.

Understanding context is crucial for call recordings and transcriptions to become more than just conversations captured for compliance or quality purposes. The right technology elevates recordings with contextual information so that they are no longer just unstructured data – they transform into a data package with invaluable insights that enterprises can act on.

Speech analytics unlocks the door to conversational insights

Speech analytics is key to unlocking the context of every conversation. Through AI-fueled technology, it takes insights to another level by uncovering the critical insights that are otherwise invisible. Through a combination of contextual and sentiment analysis, calls become far more than words—they become feelings, emotions, situations – a real exchange with actionable data that helps a company understand its customers better and in turn, improve its CX and brand reputation.

Without speech analytics, companies are holding back on their true potential. Many enterprises limit themselves to the walls of traditional call recording for quality assurance (QA) purposes and compliance regulations, only really listening to 1 – 3% of their customer interactions. With an estimated nine million calls to U.S. contact centers daily, these companies are doing an injustice to themselves by not capturing and analyzing 100% of these interactions, which is made possible only through technology.

Contextual information fuels better outcomes

There are many strategies for better customer experiences—but it’d be impossible to compare the different approaches by only manually listening to a random selection of calls. With speech and text analytics, companies are able to compile the relationships between words, categories, acoustics and semantics—as well as the standard KPIs that your agents are already being measured against—to provide a 360-degree view of the exchange.

Add AI and machine learning (ML) into the mix to unlock even more features such as automated performance and sentiment scoring. Through scoring, the words spoken by the agent and customer are combined with how they’re conveyed – and then the interaction is automatically scored through speech analytics to show a comprehensive view of performance and outcome.

Don’t miss out on a world of insights that lead to action

Many companies already have a post engagement survey or NPS system already implemented, but these assessments are seriously lacking – you’re missing out on 85 – 95% of the conversation because you’re not able to ask the “how” or “why” behind it.  In other words, you’re without the context.

Speech analytics allows for businesses to have a full view into both sides of the conversation—why the customer was calling, their frustration (or lack thereof) throughout the call, their overall satisfaction of the outcome, and more. It’s also possible to tell whether the agent followed a script to avoid compliance violations, how knowledgeable they were about solving the customer’s problem for training purposes, as well as whether they delivered a positive experience for customer satisfaction—all without having to wait days – or weeks- to capture and analyze solicited survey feedback.

This empowers organizations to track agent and customer behaviors to identify trends, problems and successes. From a customer perspective, this effectively manages risks by measuring how likely they are to commit fraud and avoids customer churn by estimating brand loyalty. Companies are also able to efficiently monitor agent performance over time to make actionable recommendations for improvement.

The results are in, and enterprises are missing out on a world of opportunity by letting their call recordings sit in the server and collect dust. It’s time to unlock a world of opportunity for business and operational intelligence with speech analytics, which will be your right-hand tool for uncovering the truth behind each customer interaction.

Learn more about how CallMiner can help your call center analyze 100% of interactions with contextual information to drive customer experience, risk mitigation and contact center performance.

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