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CallMiner Named Top 10 Contact Centre Software and Technology for 3rd Year in a Row


Frank Sherlock

April 10, 2019

CallCentre Helper Top 10 Awards
CallCentre Helper Top 10 Awards

We’re delighted that CallMiner has been named by Call Centre Helper as one of the Top 10 providers of Contact Centre Software and Technology for the third year running with Eureka Coach.

In 2012, CallMiner lead the way in the industry with the first version of a genuine automated performance feedback portal for contact centre agents, supervisors and coaches. Now, our latest addition to the CallMiner Eureka platform, Eureka Coach, continues CallMiner’s proud tradition of speech analytics leadership in the marketplace.

Eureka Coach enables contact centres to build an agent culture that underpins an excellent customer experience, improved compliance and reduced risk. It empowers managers and agents to focus on the importance of coaching and self-improvement. While Eureka Coach is the latest integrated iteration of our Performance Feedback portal, it is based on the proven notion that consistent, unbiased scoring and feedback provides the best way to ensure that agents and coaches are on the same page. Eureka Coach enables contact centres to:

  1. Improve coaching effectiveness
  2. Drive positive culture change
  3. Inspire and motivate higher achievement

We’re proud to share some of what our customers told Call Centre Helper that they love about our platform:

Our customers said they love Eureka Coach for the following reasons:

“The overall product design and the ease of using it. Once configured, it’s easy for even agents to navigate and improve themselves. The Coach function is amazing.”

 “Accuracy and flexibility”

“Agent self-coaching ability”

 “Configurable, easy to navigate and constantly challenging the status quo”

“Ease of coaching to agents within the tool. Dashboards are user-friendly and easily understood when onboarding new agents.”

“Easy to set up and use”

“Easy to use, plus absolutely incredible support the few times I’ve needed it.”

“Great customization and configurability”

“I feel like CallMiner is a true thought-leader in the speech analytics industry. The capabilities are endless with this tool.”

“Simple to use and gives you all the information.”

“The community surrounding the product.”

“The ease of the application and the detail it provides.”

I encourage you to see a demo of Eureka Coach for yourself. Ask your CallMiner contact or sign up for a personalized demo here  

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