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Extend the power of Eureka speech analytics

Key Insights
Valuable to Your Business

Eureka Xchange is an app exchange exclusively for Eureka 10 speech analytics users. Eureka Xchange complements CallMiner’s existing libraries of solution packs, by providing additional automated categories and tags, in order to gain even more key business insights. These categories include, call openings and closings, payment terms, website issues and more.


User Independence

The introductory version of the app exchange, Eureka Xchange Preview, charts a pathway to broader content generated by CallMiner, Engagement Optimization members, and CallMiner’s growing ecosystem of partners. The catalog of extensible components will expand to include solution packages, data visualizations, and training materials that will foster even greater user independence and value.

CallMiner Eureka Xchange Preview

the Power of Many

Join CallMiner’s thriving online community of customer engagement professionals, , Connect with members and leverage their collective knowledge to drive the extensibility of the Eureka speech analytics platform and dramatically increase value.

Speed to Intelligence


Eureka Xchange categories cover a broad range of popular use cases and have been built and tested by CallMiner’s Business Intelligence Analyst team. These categories are designed to further extend the capabilities of Eureka speech analytics and drive faster speed to intelligence. Categories include:

  • Call openings and closings
  • Objections and rebuttals
  • Payment terms
  • Call confusion and disengagement
  • Website issues
  • TCPA and CFPB disclosure