The Eureka API is a standards-based programming interface for accessing and sharing analytics and transcription data from the Eureka Engagement Analytics platform.

How it Works

Eureka API enables insight from 100% of customer interactions to be integrated at scale with corporate metadata and existing systems. Standards-based programming resources make it easy to securely capture and integrate customer dialog, sentiment and agent performance along with chats, email and other data for mining and analysis. Agile customization for data acquisition, enrichment and presentation is facilitate with a stands-based foundation.


Customize with integration
Add Metadata post processing
API routing & testing


Auto redact sensitive data
Encrypted connectivity
Integrate with existing security


REST-based & JSON
Web-enables programming
C#, Java & Powershell examples


Directly ingest call audio and metadata into Eureka with or without call recording.   The Eureka Ingestion API enables you take full advantage of contextual business insights locked away in other business systems by asynchronously adding to or updating your call metadata ― such as dispositions, survey feedback, post-call work, and more ― into Eureka to enhance customer engagement analysis and intelligence.

Data API

Eureka generates valuable analytics data and intelligence about your customer interactions. The Eureka Data API enables you to share these important business insights across your organization through direct integration with your API-enabled internal business systems (ERP, CRM, data warehouse, BI tools, etc.) as well as third-party applications.

  • These awards are voted on by real-life contact centers that are using the technology, rather than selected by a panel of ‘experts’. The detailed comments made by those that voted for CallMiner clearly show what customers love about the technology. CallMiner was singled out for its user-friendliness and robust in-depth analysis of customer interactions and agent performance, which provides management with excellent insight into what is happening in their contact center every day.

    Jonty Pierce
    Call Editor, Centre Helper

How it Helps

Insight from every customer contact becomes more powerful when combined with your existing data and shared within your existing systems

The Eureka API makes it easy to take advantage of this intelligence in every contact center interaction by enabling standards-based integration with a wide range of your systems. Additionally, the ability to customize presentation of your customer’s intent, action and sentiment within corporate file formats and data warehouse makes it easy to create awareness and encourage innovation.


Supports inbound and outbound transactions via any web-enabled programming language

Universal Access

Operationalize insights across your organization via web standards-based APIs


Asynchronously add new or updated interaction metadata for improved analysis

API in Action

Analytics ResultsData Output
Filtered by:

  • Contact ID
  • Search Criteria
  • Metadata
  • Data range
  • Category Hits
  • Score Results
  • Events (e.g. Redaction, Overtalk)
  • Tags
  • Attributes
  • Measures
TranscriptsData Output
  • Transcript by Contact ID
  • Transcript script by ID
  • Word
  • Speaker
  • ​​​​​​​Time
Audio RecordingsData Output
  • Download by Contact ID
  • Stream by Contact ID
  • Redacted Audio File
System ConfigurationData Output
  • Analysis Tools
  • Discovery Tools​​​​​​​
  • User Management
  • Categories, Scores​​​​​​​
  • Searches, Tags
  • Users, Groups, roles

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