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CallMiner Named a Leader in the 2024 SPARK Matrix for Speech Analytics Report by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

March 26, 2024

CallMiner’s AI innovation, robust omnichannel capabilities, focus on scalability and more differentiate the company among competitors in technology excellence and customer impact

CallMiner, the leading provider of conversation intelligence to improve customer experience (CX), announced today that it has been named a leader in the 2024 SPARK Matrix: Speech Analytics, Q1 2024 Report by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions for the third consecutive year.

The rapid evolution and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the speech analytics and conversation intelligence markets, advancing how organizations improve operational efficiency, agent performance and CX. In its latest report, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions analyzed emerging industry trends, vendors' offerings and competitive factors, giving CallMiner top ratings for technology excellence and customer impact.

“Organizations are having more conversations with their customers than ever before, both on voice and text channels,” said Jeff Gallino, CEO, CallMiner. “Without the right AI-powered technology solution, it’s impossible to understand these interactions at scale and uncover insights that drive improvements in the contact center and beyond. CallMiner has always been a leader in the conversation intelligence industry, and being recognized as such by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions further validates the excellence of our platform and our commitment to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and our customers.”

The report highlights a number of CallMiner’s key differentiators, including AI-driven search, transcription accuracy, real-time and post-interaction analytics, omnichannel capabilities, sentiment and emotion identification, and more. Further, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recommends the CallMiner platform to organizations looking to optimize customer experiences and agent performance, as well as those that require a solution that can seamlessly integrate within existing business environments.

“CallMiner is at the forefront of AI and machine learning (ML),” said Ganesh Reddy Bonthu, Senior Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. “Its platform’s strengths are rooted in deep analytics capabilities, supporting a broad range of communication channels, and seamless integrations to other critical business systems – aimed at uncovering the insights that drive customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.”

Bonthu continued: “Moreover, CallMiner’s continuous investment in generative AI and large language models (LLMs) demonstrates its commitment to staying updated with technological progress and leading in these developments. Its mix of experience, innovation and strategic emphasis on AI and ML contribute to CallMiner's leadership in the conversation intelligence sector, providing advantages to businesses looking to leverage AI for enhanced customer experience and insights.”

Download a complimentary copy of the SPARK Matrix: Speech Analytics, Q1 2024.

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