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Women in Analytics Networking Event: A LISTEN 2019 Production


The Team at CallMiner

October 31, 2019

LISTEN 2019 Women in Analytics
LISTEN 2019 Women in Analytics

By Anya Korneyeva, Sr. Research Engineer at CallMiner

Women make up 59% of the American workforce yet fill less than 17% of all roles in data and analytics — despite many holding degrees in related fields.

At CallMiner I have been fortunate to work with a strong group of women in analytics across our teams in research, operations, development, and customer success. However, we realize not all women in the analytics field are so lucky given the stats on gender diversity in data and analytics roles. To support our fellow women in analytics, this year at our annual LISTEN conference we are introducing the Women in Analytics Networking Event to provide an opportunity for our LISTEN attendees to learn from their peers’ success in an industry that still has some growing to do in gender dynamics.

Meet the Inspiration Behind the Event

Lauretta Campestre is one of our senior directors of customer success here at CallMiner and a former speech analytics compliance leader who truly understands the value add of speech analytics in any organization. As Lauretta expertly puts it, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

Technology has become the most sought-after career — and for good reason. That’s why for Lauretta, a career in speech analytics was a no-brainer, as it provides the opportunity to use technology to glean valuable insights and drive real change while becoming more efficient in the process.

Misty Mastracco, also a senior director of customer success, used speech analytics as primary contributor to driving organizational performance in a former role and decided to move into her customer success role to provide guidance for organizations that have realized speech analytics is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity to remain competitive.

Developing the Future of Engagement Analytics

CallMiner has been a leader in the development of speech analytics technologies since we were founded. As part of being first to market in a new technology, it is our responsibility to develop a diverse pool of talent. Our LISTEN conference and events like these offer the chance to share information and promote the career opportunities that exist in speech technology.

The Women in Analytics Networking Event is about sharing experiences and having fun. Attendees will hear and share the breakthroughs, challenges, and opportunities they’ve encountered along the way.

Many people can talk a good game, but few can analyze the talk and provide real business value. Those that can have a strong future in speech analytics — and it’s time we hear from them.

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