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Congratulations to our 2022 LISTEN UK Award winners!


The Team at CallMiner

June 17, 2022

2022 LISTEN UK Award winners
2022 LISTEN UK Award winners

After two years, we were back in person at the end of May for our fourth LISTEN UK user conference! We were joined by some of our amazing international customers, partners and colleagues for two days of impressive keynotes, customer and partner spotlight sessions, educational workshops, peer networking and even a little fun.

During the evening of May 24, we hosted the LISTEN UK Awards ceremony at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester and had great opening entertainment from comedian Sara Pascoe. We recognised and celebrated an impressive group of CallMiner champions who are using our platform to uncover the intelligence needed to deliver better experiences and drive greater business value from customer conversations.

Frank Sherlock, VP of International, commented “The greatest fulfilment that I get from a user event is to hear customers evangelise about the value they get from using our software. The LISTEN Awards are a small recognition of some of the outstanding contributions, individuals, teams and partners have made to these successes.’’

Read on to learn more about their achievements:

LISTEN UK Award winner: Darren Rowell, Anglian Water

Anglian Water needed to understand and improve their customer experience (CX). With CallMiner, Darren and his team created scores and established a way to measure repeat contacts and help reduce wastage, which ultimately improved CX and efficiency.

He also built a fully automated score for financial vulnerability assessments, which saved dozens of hours each month and increased agent checks to 100% coverage. Anglian Water has also seen a significant decrease in data breaches and near-misses.

Darren Commented “Thank you CallMiner for recognising what myself and my colleagues have achieved this year. It has been a great success and I’m really proud of what has been achieved. Here’s to the same again next year!”.

LISTEN UK Award winner: William Hill Insights & Analytics Team

Juvie Trinidad & Sheryl del Rosario

Juvie, Sheryl and their team are pushing the boundaries with contact analytics, gaining insight from calls, chats and emails in English, Italian, Spanish and German. They are seeing significant success in several areas, including understanding the link between customer satisfaction and repeat contact, identifying and responding to critical incidents, and focusing on compliance and safer gambling by detecting potential high-risk contacts for further review.

By using CallMiner through their partnership with Alvaria, they have scaled and driven significant efficiency. As a result, they’ve improved CSAT scores, reduced QA time and more. The team said about their achievement: “We feel honoured to receive this award. We used CallMiner to create valuable insights and reports that drove and continue to drive significant changes and improvements. We still have much to learn, but we couldn’t be prouder of our progress.” Malin Angbo, Customer Operations Director, said of the award, “It’s fantastic to see the team recognised so publicly for their impact in the industry. They are right to be proud.”

Cameron Thomson, Senior Vice President, International, Alvaria commented “William Hill is on the cutting edge of improving customer experience and satisfaction by leaning into contact analytics. It is an honor to work with William Hill and CallMiner to help drive effective insights that are resulting in measurable business improvements and positive experiences for customers across a host of communication channels and multiple languages.”

LISTEN UK Award winner: Cabot Financial Speech Enhancement Team

The Cabot Financial team has achieved an impressive integrated, coordinated deployment of conversation intelligence. Their team members include Alex Johnson, Jason Reeves, Katy Camp, Connie Brazier, Kerry Vanns and William Lewington, led by Emma Bantges.

Together, they’ve produced content and insights to help frontline operations and provide strong governance oversight, driven continuous improvement, working in partnership with team leaders, reduced QA failures related to vulnerable customers, and much more.

LISTEN UK Award winner: Matt Evans, Santander Consumer Finance

Matt has implemented speech analytics across Santander Consumer Finance which has given great insights to the calls received. The reporting has been invaluable and used across many different areas of the business. In addition to this, he has overseen the roll-out of CallMiner Coach into the operational areas enhancing the two-way communication between agents and managers.

EMEA Partner of the Year: Teleperformance

Teleperformance collaborates directly with the CallMiner partner team and international sales team in a timely, transparent and productive manner to ensure visibility into opportunities, including understanding the dynamics at play in each opportunity, and effectively work together to achieve a win/win for both parties.

Together, we’ve had some notable wins across key verticals, including telecoms, energy and financial services, and have created a truly partner-centric relationship.

EMEA Customer of the Year: Royal Sun Alliance

The RSA operations insight team has established themselves as the trusted ‘go to’ source for information – validating or countering theories from across the business and key partners. They have quickly built a vast library of categories and scores covering specific business areas, demand drivers and sales behaviours. They recently started analysing web chats, and they quickly identified valuable insights that helped them improve processes and inefficiencies.

RSA has a sophisticated road map ‘to uncover, understand and improve’, which includes recent expansions to other business areas. CallMiner is central to all this activity.

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