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Ask the Expert: 6 Questions About AI in the Contact Center


The Team at CallMiner

April 16, 2019

Robot AI call center
Robot AI call center

In the latest edition of the Inner Circle’s Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning CallMiner’s VP of AI Rick Britt and Senior Data Scientist Yang Liu answered questions from their user community on a variety of topics on artificial intelligence (AI) in the contact center.

Check out our AI experts thoughts on these 6 questions from the Contact Babel user community:

  1. What are the steps we need to take to use AI in our contact center? Where would be the best place to start?
  2. Is there anything that successful AI implementations / projects have in common? Any pitfalls to avoid?
  3. How do we measure the ROI of AI? Are there any quick wins we can use to show our senior management?
  4. Solutions such as speech analytics and knowledge bases / case-based reasoning have been around for a long time. What’s so different about AI?
  5. How much initial and ongoing effort/resource will AI require? Do we need a dedicated AI professional to keep everything running?
  6. Does AI require replacement of any existing technology, or will it work alongside what we already have?

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