Flexible Conversational Analysis

Unleash your data

Actionable Results with Conversational Analytics

CallMiner Eureka offers the most flexibility in analysis of your customer conversations.  Predefined solutions with targeted categories, scores, and data visualizations get you up and running fast.  But what happens when you need to take analysis one step further, dig one level deeper, or target your conversational analysis to a previously unknown initiative?

Search and Filter

Taking the next step starts with powerful Search. CallMiner Eureka allows you to search and filter any piece of conversational data, including the language contained within the transcript of the communication, the metadata or attributes associated with the contact, categories that have occurred, and measure characteristics.

Searching for specific language allows you to use common web-search syntax (phrases, AND, OR, NOT) and more advanced capabilities such as searching the beginning 10% or 1 minute of the conversation, or looking for phrases but only when they do not occur before other phrases. This flexibility affords you great power in defining the set of conversations you are investigating, yet it is all presented in a very familiar web-like interface modeled after web search and online shopping user experiences.

Once you have a conversation set of interest various analytical tasks can be conducted on those conversations, including;

  • Data visualization (comparisons, trends, percent analysis)
  • Discovery through automatic topic analysis of the transcripts using TopicMiner™
  • Reporting and subscriptions
  • Playback / transcript review
  • Further filtering and analysis

Guided Root Cause

Eureka’s Guided Root Cause capability helps direct you to notable attributes during search and analysis for the returned set of contacts. TopicMiner provides true discovery capability by analyzing frequent terms, phrases, and concepts for any set of conversations.  This topic analysis can be targeted to parts of the conversation, such as around silence, occurrence of words or phrases, or the beginning, end or middle of the interaction.

Easy Access to Your Customer Conversation Analytics Data

Eureka is built towards standards and non-proprietary data formats or structures. Your data is readily available to you for extraction into third party data stores, for custom reporting, or for use with third party business intelligence or analytical tools. This allows Eureka to be highly interoperable with other systems or processes, not locking your data or ability to interact with your data to the functionality within the Eureka system. After all – it’s your data.

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