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Improve the agent experience to drive business outcomes

Manage your agent workforce more effectively and with greater intelligence to ensure operational performance and agent satisfaction. 

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Automate operational efficiency

Gain the automation, analytics and integrations necessary to drive operational efficiency in the contact center. Visibility across customer engagement channels reduces call volume and optimize channel utilization.

Quality assurance and performance management

Analyze customer interactions to provide automated scoring to pinpoint agent performance issues and opportunities for improvement. Choose from partially automated support for your QA teams to adopt as their needs evolve.

Agent assistance and empowerment

Encourage a culture of self-improvement with personalized coaching conversations that drive compliance, revenue and improved customer service initiatives. Support agents directly with real-time guidance and self-guided assessments.

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Elevate the agent experience

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Automate operational efficiency 

Use automation to drive operational improvement in the contact center.

  • Reduce call volume by improving visibility and utilization across engagement channels
  • Optimize AHT by measuring acoustic signals for silence, noise, agitation, stress, and tempo  
  • Identify opportunities for call deflection, channel optimization and self-service by analyzing the interaction journey and common contact drivers
  • Use automated contact dispositioning to identify call reasons to help inform staffing decisions

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Quality assurance and performance management

Deliver superior customer experiences by guiding agents toward contact center best practices.  

  • Using Screen Record, assess how efficiently agents navigate support screens and apps while guiding the customer or prospect to resolution 
  • Integrate with existing systems such as contact center as a service (CCaaS), video conferencing, and email and chat providers for a comprehensive view of agent performance
  • Use quality forms and smart audit lists to find the right interaction to review in a manual or hybrid QA scenario
  • Coach-to-agent workflows, closed loop performance insights, and direct agent feedback make it easier to drive sustained improvements for supervisors and agents 

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Agent assistance and empowerment  

Reduce attrition through improved job satisfaction by decreasing agent effort to drive better CX outcomes. 

  • AI-driven, real-time agent assistance helps accelerate agent onboarding to overcome knowledge gaps, adhere to compliance or to lend support
  • Deliver real-time support across your team by identifying immediate coachable moments, rather than relying exclusively on pre-scheduled, lengthy coaching conversations
  • Reduce after-contact wrap time with pre-built solutions, enabling agents to focus on delivering the best customer service rather than administrative work
  • Understand and take action on how front-line agents are being treated by customers and prospects with our employee wellbeing solution, including gauging sentiment and identifying at-risk agents

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Effectively, speech analytics enabled our trainees to dial into simulated calls for a full three hours versus just 20-30 minutes with the old method. It also allowed trainees to complete dozens of calls rather than just six to eight. We’ve been able to cut the sandbox time in half while increasing the amount of actual practice time by 500%.

Mark Crowley

Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager, DoublePositive.


With CallMiner, there has been a 400% increase in frequency of feedback. In addition, insights from CallMiner brought greater consistency among our supervisors. We did regular calibrations with supervisors before speech analytics, but CallMiner uncovered inconsistencies in scoring across all supervisors that we did not have visibility into before.

Luke Schulta

Contact Center Systems Administrator, Gant Travel


CallMiner lets us enable our agents with real-time guidance to draw attention to what’s actually happening. This helps us encourage and drive active listening skills, while also guiding the agent to take appropriate action.

Sabine Harrison

Contact Center Director, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic