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Customer experience is everything in the travel and hospitality industry. Traveling is stressful — from planning a trip to navigating through a change of plans or unexpected cancellation. Travel and hospitality businesses must delight customers throughout their entire journey. Your reputation depends on it. To do so, you need customer insights from all interactions whether they happen on the phone, web chat, email or social media.

Set your travel and hospitality business apart from a crowded market by using CallMiner Eureka interaction analytics to enhance the customer experience, improve efficiency and increase sales effectiveness. Using Eureka you can uncover insights on customer wants, competitive offerings, operational issues, cancellation risks, and more, allowing you to address them quickly, before they negatively affect the customer experience or your bottom line.

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Key Benefits


Eureka analytics provides insights into what customers want and can help you identify and resolve issues quickly.

  • Improve first call resolution
  • Discover patterns across all agents and locations and use insights to coach to behaviors of top performers
  • Gain better insight into what customers want with Voice of the Customer intelligence
  • Receive next best action guidance in real time based on analysis of what is said as well as sentiment


Insights from 100% of your customer interactions can help you improve productivity and reduce costs. 

  • Identify root cause faster through trends analysis and address quickly
  • Reduce silence, overall talk times, transfers and repeat callers
  • Deliver performance feedback directly to agents, reducing QA and team leader work
  • Create automated scorecards for coaching and improvement


Eureka interaction analytics can help you improve close rates and up-sell and cross sell opportunities. 

  • Discover behaviors of top performing agents and use to drive change throughout the agent population
  • Understand what keeps customers loyal and emphsize in sales and marketing messaging
  • Identify as-risk customers and provide next best action guidance to agents in real time
  • Share insights with the other departments to implement enhancements and affect the customer experience and the bottom line