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Telecom and other communications service providers are finding it more and more difficult to differentiate themselves from fierce competitors who offer a rapid-fire suite of new digital services. Compound that with increasingly demanding customers who have many options to choose from when service levels dip or complaints are not quickly addressed and there’s a problem.

CallMiner Eureka interaction analytics can help address complaints quickly and provide insights into what customers really want so that providers can continue to delight them, providing a superior customer experience and dramatically reducing churn.   Eureka analytics also provides trends data on top performing agents that can be used in coaching and to modify scripts and real-time next-best-action guidance.

To be competitive, communications service providers must be keenly attuned to the voice of the customer by gaining a deeper understanding of the factors that drive both dissatisfaction and delight. That means getting deeper insights into complaints to find the root cause so they can be resolved quickly.

Also, providers must be able to monitor and analyze all interactions between customers and the brand on multiple channels, whether that’s phone, webchat, email, or social media. Only then will providers get a true view into the complete customer journey and positively impact the entire customer experience.

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Key Benefits


Superior customer experience throughout the entire customer journey improves satisfaction and loyalty and differentiates you from the competition.

  • Improve first contact resolution
  • Gain better insight into what customers want
  • Identify and predict issues to resolve quickly
  • Provide next best action guidance to agents


Greater insight into what customers need can dramatically improve operational efficiency, reducing wasted time and cancellations. 

  • Reduce silence and overall talk times
  • Deliver performance feedback directly to agents, reducing QA and team leader work
  • Identify product and service problems and address them quickly
  • Uncover inefficient processes though analytics insights


Analytics can monitor and verify that you are effectively managing customer complaints and are in compliance with CFPB and other regulations.  

  • Monitor 100% of all interactions to ensure appropriate language and compliant dispute resolution
  • Identify agents using risky language and provide guidance in real time
  • Discover non-compliant trends across the entire agent population and modify coaching to address
  • Provide objective feedback on desired agent behavior with automated scoring