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Delivering customer service excellence is what can set one technology company above the rest. Agent performance and a clear understanding of what customers really need and want is essential. A technology company’s ability to gather information from all interactions agents have with customers, and not just a random sampling, and then making the necessary improvements could define those who prosper and those who perish.

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Key Benefits


Post call analytics and real-time guidance are key to improving customer service.

  • Improve first call resolution based on trends analysis on root cause
  • Identify issues in products and processes so they can be quickly addressed
  • Reduce transfers and repeat callers
  • Provide next best action guidance in real time to turn around customers at risk


Eureka provides insights that can lead to performance improvement and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Gain insights from all conversations, not just a random sampling and use to provide targeted coaching
  • Deliver performance feedback directly to agents, empowering them to self-train
  • Create automated scorecards for coaching and improvement
  • Provide evaluation and comparison of performance ratings and key metrics using data visualization.


Insights from 100% of your customer interactions can help improve efficiency and reduce cost.

  • Identify root cause faster through trends analysis and address faster
  • Deliver performance feedback directly to agents, reducing QA and team leader work
  • Reduce silence, overall talk times, transfers and repeat callers
  • Create automated scorecards for coaching and improvement