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With the advent of online sites and mobile apps, shoppers are redefining the retail customer experience and how they interact with brands. Brick-and-mortar stores are often seen as show rooms with online sales continuing their upward trend. Regardless of how shoppers interact – whether a call, web chat, email, mobile app or social media, they expect the same level of service as they receive at the physical store.

Eureka interaction analytics can provide the customer insights retailers need to build brand loyalty and deliver a superior customer experience at every touch point across channels and the entire journey. Whether someone is making a purchase on a website, asking a question about a product through email or calling the contact center to complain, analytics can provide a view into the complete customer journey and provide next best action guidance in real time. Analytics can also provide trends data that can uncover issues so they can be resolved before they escalate.

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Key Benefits


With CallMiner Eureka analytics retailers/etailers can tap into insights from customers across all channels.

  • Improve first contact resolution
  • Discover patterns across all agents and locations and use insights to coach to behaviors of top performers
  • Identify and predict issues to resolve quickly
  • Gain better insight into what customers want with Voice of the Customer intelligence

Sales & Marketing 

Eureka analytics provides actionable insights that can be shared beyond the contact center

  • Learn how customers are responding to the latest campaigns and make adjustments quickly to improve outcomes
  • Deliver performance feedback directly to agents, reducing QA and team leader work
  • Deliver immediate feedback to agents and next best action guidance for cross and up-selling
  • Share insights with the product team for future product enhancements and development


Save money and improve productivity in your call center by reducing AHT and callbacks.

  • Reduce silence and overall talk times
  • Reduce transfers and repeat callers
  • Quickly identify product and process problems so they can be addressed right away
  • Stay PCI compliant with automated audio and transcript redaction of credit card and other sensitive information