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Great customer experiences and ease of doing business, including 24/7 access to services, are the top factors influencing customers choosing an insurance provider. In this highly competitive environment where customers can do all their comparative shopping online, one poor customer service interaction can be all it takes for a customer to switch to another provider.

The most common reasons customers interact with insurance providers are to process a claim, make a payment, register a complaint, change a premium or discuss a better offer from a competitor. The primary challenge, given insurance providers generally know why customers interact with them, is how to deliver an exceptional and differentiated customer experience in the most efficient manner.

In addition, the regulatory environment for insurance providers continues to grow more complex with a mix of regulators at the state, federal and international levels.  CallMiner Eureka interaction analytics help insurers monitor and verify compliance of ORSA (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment), ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), the fiduciary standard from the Department of Labor, and several other regulations that affect how insurers do business.

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Key Benefits


CallMiner Eureka speech and text analytics can provide insight into what customers want which can dramatically improve the customer experience throughout the journey. 

  • Understand the customer journey across channels to personalize service and offering
  • Monitor 100% of interactions to discover trends and provide proactive outreach
  • Use customer feedback to address issues before they become problems
  • Identify and implement processes improvements from analytics insights,  such as call routing or self-service, that can enhance the customer experience


Eureka interaction analytics monitors conversations across all channels.  These insights can be used to target compliance training to specific agents or groups. 

  • Monitor all conversations, not just a random sampling
  • Identify risky language from a single agent or the entire agent population and tailor compliance coaching
  • EurekaLive provides real time next best action guidance based on the interaction as it is happening to keep agents compliant
  • Auto-redaction of sensitive information from voice recording and transcript


Armed with insights from Eureka analytics on the products and services that are most attractive to customers, insurers can adapt their offering to suite specific needs. 

  • Identify key phrases used in interactions to accurately qualify prospects
  • Monitor all interactions and track language used by top performers to train all agents
  • Discover trends on desired products and services to upsell and cross-sell
  • Capture insights on competitive offerings and modify sales pitches accordingly