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The healthcare landscape is constantly changing. This makes it increasingly challenging for providers and payers to keep pace with patient care expectations and regulatory compliance requirements while continually improving operational efficiency. Many are turning to CallMiner Eureka interaction analytics to provide insights that will positively impact the patient experience – both outcomes and satisfaction, as well as drive down costs.

Patients are more reliant today on healthcare services than ever before for everything from scheduling appointments, to getting insurance and billing questions answered. Along with their experience while receiving care, patient satisfaction is contingent on how well healthcare providers and payers perform while providing these other services.

To ensure great experiences throughout the entire patient journey, it becomes critical that contact centers meet patient expectations during every interaction. CallMiner interaction analytics automatically monitors, analyzes and scores 100% of interactions – whether they are calls, chats, email, or social media. It reveals insights on clients as well as agent behaviors that impact business outcomes.

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Key Benefits

Put Patients First

Eureka patient engagement analytics lets healthcare providers and payers:

  • Learn key facts relating to services, processes, or policies
  • Track patient sentiment and identify patients at risk
  • Discover emerging trends regarding reoccurring issues
  • Identify types of calls, groups or individuals resulting in the highest and lowest satisfaction ratings
  • Identify those agents and behaviors with the unique ability to turn-around negative patient experiences

Expedite Revenue Cycle Management

Engagement analytics in healthcare can:

  • Quickly identify negative performance trends so they can be turned around
  • Reveal high performance trends that can be used to raise the performance of all agents
  • Provide next-best action guidance during an interaction to achieve the desired outcome

Stay Compliant

Eureka helps providers and payers stay compliant with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. Analytics can: 

  • Automatically transcribe and score every patient interaction to identify risk
  • Provide real-time compliance monitoring and alert supervisors of potential infractions
  • Give next best action guidance to agents during an interaction
  • Lower cost and effort in compliance monitoring, and reduce/eliminate fines