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Financial Services and Banking institutions face tough challenges with increasingly rigid regulations and more demanding and sophisticated customers. Those that are most successful at adding value and staying ahead of the competition differentiate themselves with a superior customer experience.  To deliver a great experience all the time, institutions must truly understand customer needs and wants. And to do that, many are deploying interaction analytics to reveal insights that help identify the products and services that delight customers with every interaction.

Interaction analytics automates the Quality Assurance (QA) process by capturing and transcribing every engagement across all channels including calls, web chats, emails or social media. So instead of just monitoring the 1 to 3% of contact interactions typical with manual QA, you can now monitor and analyze all of them. Then based on categories and key words, the analytics platform can scan for those interactions you want to flag for further review. It can also uncover trends across all agents and locations.

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Key Benefits


Eureka monitors adherence to consumer protection rules and other regulatory standards and can: 

  • Monitor all interactions rather than just a random sampling
  • Detect potential regulatory infractions to create coachable moments
  • Identify groups who might require specific disclosures
  • Alert supervisors when intervention is needed and also provide next-best-action in real-time to agents


With CallMiner Eureka analytics financial institutions can tap into insights from customers across all channels.

  • Monitor and analyze all interactions – phone, email, webchat and social media
  • Discover patterns across all agents and locations and use insights to coach to behaviors of top performers
  • Identify emerging issues and address before they escalate
  • Improve processes such as bill payment and call routing with Voice of the Customer intelligence

Sales & Marketing

Eureka analytics provides actionable insights that can be shared beyond the contact center.

  • Learn how customers are reacting to the latest campaigns and make adjustments quickly to improve outcomes
  • Discover what customers are saying about competitors to improve sales messaging
  • Deliver immediate feedback to agents and next best action guidance for cross and up-selling
  • Share insights with the product team to implement enhancements and affect the roadmap