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As the energy and utilities market becomes increasingly deregulated, companies must improve customer service and support to remain competitive. According to the Washington Post, nearly 500,000 consumers – more than 11 percent of ratepayers – chose to leave their energy company when Pennsylvania deregulated utilities in 1998. CallMiner offers tailored interaction analytics solutions for energy and utility providers seeking to reduce operational expenses, improve customer experience, and monitor agent performance.

Operational Expenses Reduction

Supporting your customers is a costly endeavor–from keeping call times under control to minimizing service deployments, utilities companies must serve their customers quickly and efficiently. Through the use of interaction analytics, corporations can:

  • Improve efficiency by identifying areas for deflection
  • Identify the root cause of issues that cause long call times or drive repeat contacts, whether technical or procedural
  • Discover customer pain points and ensure that agents are trained to resolve or escalate appropriately

Customer Experience

With more utilities choices available to customers, negative experiences can quickly drive ratepayers to the competition. Repeat calls, long hold times, excessive documentation, or unhelpful agents are just a few ways customers become frustrated and dissatisfied. By automatically scoring 100% of customer interactions, CallMiner lets companies:

  • Learn key facts relating to products, services, processes, or policies that drive negative or positive customer experiences
  • Learn key facts relating to products, services, processes, or policies that drive negative or positive customer experiences
  • Improve promotional effectiveness and data capture around marketing programs and incentives
  • Identify types of calls, groups or individuals that handle calls resulting in the lowest satisfaction ratings
  • Identify those agents and behaviors with the unique ability to turn-around negative customer experiences


Defecting customers leave as a result of poor customer service


Consumers have stopped doing busineess with a company due to a bad customer experience


Consumers have started doing business with a competitor due to a bad customer experience

Agent Performance Monitoring in the Contact Center

Agents and customer representatives are on the front line and have an immediate impact on any business objective or metric associated with customer interactions. Effective performance management is paramount, not only to running a great contact center, but also to retaining and adding customers in an increasingly competitive environment.

MyEureka Agent Performance Monitoring Dashboard

CallMiner Eureka and myEureka performance portals introduce a transformative approach to performance management. It allows contact centers to automatically score 100% of calls and other customer interactions (chat, email, social), and provides immediate, continuous feedback directly to managers, supervisors, and agents. CallMiner’s unique approach:

  • Automates the scoring process
  • Provides objective and consistent scoring on every contact
  • Delivers fast, efficient performance feedback
  • Aggregates all key metrics and indicators in a single view