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Running an outsourced call center comes with a unique set of challenges, from high levels of attrition to rising costs and demanding clients, each with their own needs and requirements.

CallMiner Eureka interaction analytics can assist Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) in all facets of daily operations by monitoring 100% of all phone calls automatically. Set your organization apart from a crowded market by using advanced interaction analytics technology to better train agents and gather insights on products and services, improving the end user experience and providing maximum benefits to your clients.

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Key Benefits


Save money and improve productivity in your call center by reducing AHT and callbacks.

  • Reduce silence and overall talk times
  • Reduce transfers and repeat callers
  • Quickly identify product and process problems using natural discovery technology
  • Improve script and process workflow compliance


Eliminate the manual processes and inefficiencies associated with traditional quality monitoring. 

  • Automate after call work such as dispositioning
  • Deliver performance feedback directly to agents, reducing QA and team leader work
  • Create automated scorecards for coaching and improvement
  • Capture and share insights that would otherwise be lost with selective sampling


Train your agents faster and give them the confidence they need to do their jobs better. 

  • Improve the hiring and onboarding process
  • Enable self-support and feedback
  • Proactively change avoidance behaviors
  • Reduce absenteeism and attrition rates