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Leverage employee insights to create better experiences

Measure sentiment, key drivers and common concerns across your employee base to improve satisfaction, engagement and retention.

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Analyze feedback to improve experiences

Collect both solicited and unsolicited feedback to identify areas of opportunity to better meet employee needs and expectations.

Build cultures of improvement

Empower employees with clear direction and a path for improvement with real-time feedback and improved department communication.

Drive change to increase retention

Leverage emotion scoring, trend analysis and more to better understand what employees want from their employers, and take action to improve satisfaction and reduce turnover.

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With the right employee insights, organizations can now

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Connect the dots between positive experiences and bottom line results

Create a workplace culture that makes employees feel involved, engaged and empowered.

  • Collect, analyze and understand employee feedback through voice, video, HR surveys, IT tickets and more
  • Leverage employee insights to tailor programs and initiatives across departments that support productivity and improve job satisfaction
  • Enable business leaders and managers with the insight needed to create better employee experiences, ultimately increasing retention and the bottom line

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