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Substantial Improvements in Agent Performance and Customer Insights Drive Expanded Partnership Between CallMiner and Sitel Group

October 01, 2019

Sitel Insights leverages CallMiner’s AI-fueled interaction analytics to provide customer experience analytics for major brands and Sitel’s workforce

BOSTON and MIAMI – October 1, 2019 – CallMiner, the leading provider of speech and customer engagement analytics solutions, announced today that it has expanded its partnership with Sitel Group, one of the largest customer experience (CX) management companies in the world, to further improve customer interactions with CallMiner’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based analytics platform, Eureka.

Sitel Insights, the group’s analytics and client insights experts, are leveraging Eureka Analyze and Coach to create insights from many of the 3.5 million interactions delivered each day by Sitel Group globally. Providing real-time analysis of this customer intelligence, Sitel Insights are harnessing this technology to improve customer experience, while both reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. In doing so, they have seen substantial improvements in the speed at which new agents are completing training and achieving competency; the efficacy of call flow management and customer question response; and the level of CX insights delivered to their clients which include some of the world’s best-known brands.

Both Sitel agents and indirectly agents operating as part of cross-enterprise deployments of Sitel Insights solutions are provided access to Eureka Coach, an application component of the CallMiner Eureka Platform, receiving near real-time performance feedback. This empowers customer-facing agents to self-instruct and see immediate results without requiring or waiting for coach or supervisor intervention. Agents using Eureka Coach are hitting training elements 25% faster than those who are not.

In addition to delivering better CX through improved agent performance, Sitel leverages insights to quickly identify customer sentiment in association with product or service disruptions to help their clients understand business impact and take appropriate action.

“There are insights waiting to be uncovered in every customer conversation. These can guide critical business decisions and a brand’s customer experience strategy. Loyalty may not begin in the contact center, but it can end there – and quite often, it does. Through leveraging customer data to derive these insights, Sitel is leading the industry in its ability to learn more about its customers than ever before and in turn, revolutionizing the customer experience,” said Jeff Gallino, founder and CTO, CallMiner.

The CallMiner solution is integrated as part of Sitel Insights, which specializes in data discovery, data mining and customer journey analytics. Sitel Insights mines data across multiple sources and channels to understand and improve the customer experience by applying diagnostic and predictive analytics to impact business outcomes.

“In today’s world, every contact a brand has with their customers counts,” said Cris Kuehl, VP, Customer Analytics & Client Insights, Sitel Insights. “Our partnership with CallMiner allows our people to get closer to the conversation brands are having with their customers to provide insights into how they are performing and what is driving customer loyalty. These insights enable more strategic decisions that positively impact the employee experience, thus, the customer experience. With our implementation of CallMiner’s solution, we have the right operational cadence to make a sustainable impact and improve our client KPIs – and we’ve been successful in doing so across many of our strategic clients and their outsourcing partners.”

According to Sitel, CallMiner has fielded 33 million of Sitel’s calls and has increased customer retention by 11% to date. The partnership also extends to two upcoming events. CallMiner’s upcoming annual speech analytics conference on Nov. 4 – 6, LISTEN, where Sitel is a platinum sponsor and will hold several presentations. To register, visit

Sitel Group is also hosting a webinar on Oct. 10 where CallMiner’s Gallino and Guest Forrester Principal Analyst, Ian Jacobs, will join Kuehl to discuss choosing the right speech analytics tools to harness big data and drive actionable insights. To register, visit

About CallMiner CallMiner empowers organizations of any size to extract and take action on intelligence from customer interactions for improving customer experience, sales, marketing, and compliance, as well as agent and customer engagement center performance. Highlighted by multiple customer achievement awards, including eight Speech Technology implementation awards in the past six years, CallMiner is recognized as a leader in the speech analytics industry by third party analysts.

For more information, visit

About Sitel Group Sitel Group’s 75,000 people across the globe connect many of the world’s best-known brands with their customers – 3.5 million times every day. As a global customer experience (CX) management leader, we apply our 30+ years of industry-leading experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of our group’s founders to deliver omnichannel experiences through voice, chat, social media and more to customers of our 400+ clients across all verticals – from Fortune 500 companies to local startups.

Our group’s breadth of capabilities – powered by our ecosystem of experts including Innso, Learning Tribes, Sitel, Sitel Insights and TSC – go beyond business process outsourcing (BPO) to support every stage of the customer journey. We are redefining the contact center and improving business results by pairing innovative solutions – such as self-care and automation – with the human touch, emotion and empathy of our people.

As a CX platform, we are powered by experts to deliver tailored CX solutions to fit our clients’ needs through our consultative, customer-centric approach adding value at every touchpoint – regardless of location, channel or time of day.

Learn more at and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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