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CallMiner Enhances Text Analytics Improving Customer and Agent Performance Insight Across Communication Channels

November 04, 2019

CallMiner, the leading provider of award-winning speech and customer engagement analytics platform, Eureka, today announced enhancements to its text analytics capabilities to increase the intelligence organizations can derive from customer interactions and customer journey analysis, across communications channels.

Digital transformation – along with movement toward a younger customer demographic profile – continues to fuel an increasing ratio of text to voice communication. While these communication channels are often siloed, CallMiner Eureka cuts across the silos to provide a holistic view of the customer experience and journey.

New support for emojis and special characters, along with text search enhancements, extend CallMiner’s omnichannel features and benefits. These sentiment-rich text elements enable customer experience and call center leaders to score and act on intent, action and emotion expression.

CallMiner’s ability to consolidate and analyze calls, chat, email, survey responses and other text-based communication “democratizes data” with intelligent visibility, providing customers with new functionality, including:

  • Communication Comprehensive – Define and score for meaning over 700 emojis and 65,000 Unicode characters
  • Search Intelligence – Locate any numbers or words ingested, including customer specific terms that are not recognized in the current language lexicon
  • Agile Redaction – Targeted redaction for sensitive data removal, configurable independently for voice or text with consideration for special text characters.

“Customers are expressively interacting over increasingly diverse communication channels,” said Bruce McMahon, Vice President of Product at CallMiner. “Our text enhancements ensure that creative and complex written and graphical expression from every contact center interaction delivers actionable intelligence. This fills a critical need as the market introduces more text-based channel options for their customers.”

The CallMiner application, Eureka Analyze, consolidates speech and text analytics within a unified user interface. Icons identify speech analytics alongside chat, survey responses, social media, and any form of text communication integrated with the CallMiner platform. Scoring for comparative performance and attention is channel agnostic, allowing contact centers to span channel barriers with intelligent awareness. This singular analytical view across all customer interactions, regardless of channel, enables customer journey mapping and scoring for key business metrics such as customer satisfaction.

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