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CallMiner Announces In-Network Delivery of Speech Analytics

April 28, 2011

Delivery “in the Telco Cloud” Revolutionizes an Organization’s Ability to Instantly Extract Customer Intelligence with an Elegant and Easy-to-Use Solution Pointed to an Enterprises’ Toll-Free Customer Contact Number

BOSTON — April 28, 2011 — CallMiner, the market leader in speech analytics today announced it had launched CallMiner Eureka Speech Analytics in-network, more commonly referred to as “in the telco cloud.”

Using CallMiner Eureka Speech Analytics to extract customer intelligence from in-network interactions provides significant value to enterprises that want a highly-scaled, off-premise recording and analytics solution, and can’t or don’t want to spend a large amount of money on commodity recorders, just to get what they really want, meaningful, real-time intelligence, enabling them to proactively address opportunities or challenges.

Jeff Gallino, CallMiner’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder said, “With recording functionality now available in-network, there is no longer a need for complex and expensive, premise-based recorder investments. All of the obstacles currently confronted by contact center managers and their IT organizations vanish as delivering speech analytics in-network means there are absolutely no interoperability issues; maintenance worries; upgrade and refresh path concerns; data ownership challenges; recorder integration costs; vendor management and billing issues; multi-site integration problems; multi-site turn-up or turn down problems; and no audio quality or recording latency problems.

“As a PCI certified company, speech analytics delivered in the telco cloud provides significantly more robust security to enterprise and financial services organizations. IT departments no longer have to worry about breaches in dozens of geographies on old legacy recording systems; they can instead rest assured their data is protected in a fortified telco-grade data center,” Gallino said.

Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting, the leading analyst firm covering the speech analytics industry said, “Enterprises have been looking for a cost effective and dependable method for recording calls for years. Capturing customer interactions in the carrier network should reduce complexity, increase dependability and improve the quality of the recordings. This approach will give CallMiner’s customers cost effective access to high quality recordings while also providing an excellent and timely feed into their speech analytics platform.”

CallMiner’s Vice President of OEM Business Development John Hamilton, “CallMiner’s utility- based pricing model makes it easy for a Telco provider to offer CallMiner speech analytics as a standard service. The integration issues of traditional contact centers evaporate, e.g., audio quality at the intercept point is far superior to premise recording and customer interactions are captured as they happen, resulting in much faster intelligence gathering.”

About CallMiner CallMiner is the leader in enterprise speech analytics. CallMiner Eureka enables organizations to hear and act on the true voice of their customers as captured in contact center conversations. Eureka speech analytics automates the overwhelming process of extracting information from customer calls uncovering consistent and reliable information about customer demands, market trends, how well agents are meeting their service needs and more. This timely business intelligence can be leveraged by enterprises to improve customer service and sales, reduce the cost of service delivery, and identify areas for process improvements. CallMiner’s customers realize improved customer retention, higher first call resolution, greater agent and supervisor productivity and lower quality assurance costs. For more information on speech analytics, please contact CallMiner at (239) 689-6463 or visit

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