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CallMiner and NTT TechnoCross Corporation Partner to Bring Speech Analytics to the Japanese Market

October 20, 2020

CallMiner’s Integration with the NTT Voice Transcription Engine and ForeSight Voice Mining Solution Enables Organizations in Japan to Take Advantage of Rich Conversational Insight

CallMiner announced a partnership with NTT TechnoCross (NTT-TX) to provide speech analytics in Japan. CallMiner will use the NTT speech to text transcription engine to enable analytics for Japanese speakers within the CallMiner Eureka platform. Behavioral insight will be integrated within the NTT-TX ForeSight Voice Mining user interface for agent quality management and customer experience optimization.

The NTT-TX ForeSight Voice Mining solution captures audio from contact center conversations and applies analytics for agent performance and customer experience optimization. The CallMiner Eureka platform will enhance ForeSight intelligence with behavioral insight from the voice of the customer and with rich data supported details on how agents engage with customers.

“NTT-TX customers rely on ForeSight Voice Mining real time and custom-tuned capability to improve the response quality of agents at contact centers,” said Hidetoshi Seki, Senior Vice President of Global Business Strategy at NTT-TX. “Our integration with CallMiner enables our customers to take advantage of our highly accurate speech to text transcription, with a layer of enhanced speech analytics to more effectively optimize agent performance.”

CallMiner Eureka’s conversational analytics reveals ease, effectiveness and emotional insight from every contact center interaction between customers and agents. Automated scoring delivers an ongoing pulse of unsolicited customer feedback, along with conversational insight benchmarking how agents shape the brand experience.

“CallMiner’s partnership with NTT-TX enables organizations in Japan and those supporting Japanese speakers to take advantage of proven data supported speech analytics to improve agent performance,” said Jeff Gallino, founder and chief technology officer at CallMiner. “CallMiner’s expanding global presence, supported by NTT-TX Japanese support, empowers a growing list of organizations around the globe with unique conversational insight to more effectively optimize agent performance and enhance customer experience.”

About NTT-TX

NTT TechnoCross Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation), one of the world’s leading telecom and IT companies with large R&D investment in AI, speech, and Big Data technologies among others. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, NTT TechnoCross was founded to provide innovative solutions to customers by crossbreeding its parent company’s core technologies. Our flagship product, ForeSight Voice Mining is an AI-based contact center analytics that leverages NTT’s award-winning speech recognition and patented emotion analysis technologies. More than 25,000 agents at 500 contact centers are proudly providing superior customer experience with ForeSight Voice Mining.

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