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CallMiner Advances Industry-Leading Conversation Intelligence Platform with New Real-Time Analytics Capabilities

June 19, 2023

New and enhanced features in CallMiner RealTime improve frontline agent experience and customer satisfaction

CallMiner, the leading provider of conversation intelligence to drive business performance improvement, today announced new functionality in its real-time agent guidance product, RealTime. By combining comprehensive real-time and post-interaction analytics capabilities, CallMiner’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform empowers organizations to improve customer experience (CX). This includes better supporting agent onboarding, reinforcing behaviors with personalized alerts, escalating issues appropriately, driving faster time to resolution, and more, through advanced machine learning and generative AI.

As organizations place more burden on customers to solve their own problems using various self-service capabilities, customers have higher expectations than ever for the quality of their interactions with human agents in the contact center. In fact, a Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by CallMiner, found that more than half (57%) of respondents admit that it’s challenging for customer service representatives to anticipate customer needs.

Key enhancements to CallMiner RealTime work in conjunction with CallMiner’s core platform functions to drive agent retention, increase high-quality coaching opportunities, optimize revenue generation, and improve customer satisfaction. This includes empowering agents with next-best-action guidance, call flow and script adherence support, and up-sell or cross-sell opportunity identification.

RealTime feature updates and user interface (UI) improvements include:

  • Live Insights: The new Live Insights feature empowers contact center supervisors to deliver an ‘insight’, via desktop alert, to more effectively support agents during customer interactions. Insights can be customized for different situations, such as to issue a warning or provide information that can assist an agent in real time.
  • Live Listen: Authorized supervisors can now listen in on agent conversations while they are happening. Used in conjunction with alerts, supervisors can step in and help agents as needed with personalized support. This is particularly valuable for new agents during the onboarding process. Live Listen also works in correlation with post-interaction coaching to provide more tailored learning opportunities.
  • Agent Call for Help: Agents can proactively ask a supervisor or authorized user for help during a customer interaction, such as when a customer makes a request for escalation. Instead of waiting for a scheduled, post-interaction coaching conversation, important issues can be resolved in real time, improving contact center metrics and CX.

“As more organizations adopt conversation intelligence solutions, it’s critical that those offerings deliver post-interaction and real-time analytics capabilities seamlessly. This includes having AI and humans work together – AI components can enable better agent guidance, while ‘human in the loop’ capabilities support the review and augmentation of AI-generated alerts.” said Bruce McMahon, VP of Product Management, CallMiner.

McMahon continued, “That’s why CallMiner continues to enhance and invest in our RealTime product. In-the-moment agent guidance is no longer a nice to have – it is a must-have capability that can drive agent retention, uncover critical coaching opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction and experience. This is especially true when combined with CallMiner’s robust post-interaction analytics. As one of the first vendors to market with a real-time solution, I’m confident that these new features are going to deliver significant value to CallMiner’s customers.”

The CallMiner RealTime updates are currently available to new and existing CallMiner customers. CallMiner will be showcasing these new and enhanced capabilities at Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2023, June 19 – 22, 2023 at Booth #617. To learn more, visit or contact

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