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Increase marketing effectiveness and drive leads

Gain actionable insights to target and promote marketing programs, improve sales agent performance and increase revenue.

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Power marketing programs

Categorize calls based on various offerings to plan campaigns, create specific landing pages, and attract specialized resources based on market trends.

Improve sales performance

Score 100% of customer contacts and deliver immediate feedback for supervisors and agents to impact performance.

Duplicate success

Analyze the most successful agents and develop scripting for the entire company based on their language.

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Performance marketers can now

Coach agents in real time

Provide real-time feedback on 100% of interactions to improve outcomes and drive leads.

  • Ensure representatives follow the correct conversation flow procedures and ask the right questions to properly qualify leads
  • Deliver in-the-moment alerts to support agent conversations or elevate difficult interactions to a supervisor
  • Tailor and track customer rebuttals to identify areas of improvement, ensuring effective script delivery and objection handling

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Continually measure impact and effectiveness

Understand effects of any change or decision to marketing programs and maximize spend.

  • Gauge intent to buy by capturing important keywords and ensure that hot leads are being handled correctly
  • A/B test new promotions and calls to action and receive immediate feedback on what’s working and what isn’t
  • Evaluate referral traffic across channels, benchmark campaigns and apply best practices

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Maintain compliance

Reduce exposure to risk with an automated view into agent language and behavior.

  • Monitor every interaction, regardless of channel, for risky language such as false promises and TCPA violations
  • Score every interaction to identify relative risk level based on the content of the conversation
  • Tag or index violations for immediate navigation to the occurrence to improve performance over time

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We kicked off the program with our customer care division, and expanded globally to supply chain, product, marketing and other departments.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial


CallMiner simplifies processes, from writing syntax to call searching and agent monitoring and tracking.

User at Marketing and Advertising Organization