Customer Experience Solutions

by Business Value

CallMiner Eureka automatically scores 100% of your customer interactions to evaluate your overall customer experience. Why ask only a sample of your customer base whether they are satisfied or not, when you can ask them all with customer experience software?

Use CallMiner Eureka to approximate your net promoter, customer effort, or other scores used in measuring customer satisfaction by evaluating the language used in interactions with any of your agents or customer representatives.

Customer Experience & Retention Improvements

Better customer experiences, higher measured satisfaction, customer retention, and increased selling effectiveness can all be realized by using interaction analytics.

  • Automatically identify agent performance areas of improvement that result in the most favorable customer experiences
  • Learn key facts relating to products, services, processes, or policies that drive negative or positive customer experiences
  • Identify types of calls, groups or individuals that handle calls resulting in the lowest satisfaction ratings
  • Identify those agents and behaviors with the unique ability to turn-around negative customer experiences

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