Customer Experience Solutions

by Business Value

Customer Experience

Why ask only a sample of your customer base whether they are satisfied or not, when you can ask them all with speech or customer engagement analytics software?

Speech analytics offers an incredibly rich source of unsolicited feedback to be able to increase sales effectiveness, Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, first call resolution, and customer loyalty.

Speech analytics scores 100% of your customer interactions to evaluate your overall customer experience. Unsolicited feedback from your contact center conversations, across channels, will reveal rich CX insight from the voice of your customers (VOC) as well as the voice of your employees (VOE).

CallMiner Eureka consolidates intelligence from what was said and how it was said for customer experience insight. Also, intent and emotional intelligence is analyzed directly from the voice of your customer. Spoken dialog along with acoustic measures add a new dimension to your CX initiatives with qualitative detail to quickly identify the most impactful drivers of customer experience.

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Customer Experience & Retention Improvements

Better customer experiences, higher measured satisfaction, customer retention, and increased selling effectiveness can all be realized by using customer engagement analytics.

  • CSAT from every interaction
  • Metrics for customer sentiment
  • Compare calls with survey feedback
  • Employee brand representation
  • Reveal the unexpected
  • Identify product & service issues
  • CX insight to action evidence