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How it Works

The Eureka engagement analytics platform transforms the Voice of Your Customers and Agents into operational intelligence at scale with automated performance and sentiment scoring, topic discovery and trend presentation.

Speech to Text

Accurate Call Transcription
Speaker Separated Audio
Customer & Agent Sentiment


PCI Redacted Audio & Transcript


Application Platform
Packaged Solutions
API Customizable

  • These awards are voted on by real-life contact centers that are using the technology, rather than selected by a panel of ‘experts’. The detailed comments made by those that voted for CallMiner clearly show what customers love about the technology. CallMiner was singled out for its user-friendliness and robust in-depth analysis of customer interactions and agent performance, which provides management with excellent insight into what is happening in their contact center every day.

    Jonty Pierce
    Call Editor, Centre Helper

How it Helps

Insights from the contact center are a unique resource for realizing the
key drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and compliance verification.

Some examples of where Engagement Analytics innovation delivers remarkable results include:

Customer Experience

  • Customer Effort
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Agent Attitude
  • Topic Discovery
  • Journey Mapping
  • Churn Prediction

Agent Performance

  • Automated Scoring
  • Targeted Coaching
  • Role-based Views
  • Agent Sentiment
  • Agent Retention

Contact Center

  • Silence Reduction
  • First Call resolution
  • Call Deflection
  • IVR Optimization
  • AHT Reduction

CX Management

  • Sensitive Data Redact
  • Script Compliance
  • PCI Conformity
  • Fraud Identification
  • Risky Language


  • Revenue Optimization
  • Collector Effectiveness
  • Collections Objections
  • Payment
  • Negotiations / Compliance

Sales Optimization

  • Sales Flow Analysis
  • Upsell Offer Rates
  • Sales Lead Scoring
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Marketing Effectiveness

Unique CallMiner Eureka Value


Turnkey Integrations, packaged content and self-serve customization enable fastest time-to-value


Open API and artificial intelligence enables agile solutions, flexible integration and predictive modeling


ROI via automation, Playbooks, exceptional support and innovation from a collaborative community

Product Suite

Core Applications

Analytics workbench, transcriptions with sentiment, scoring presentation, graphical trends, customer journey mapping

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Supervisor/Agent Dashboards/ agent scorecards, direct performance feedback, action assignment & follow-up

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Real-time monitoring & alerting, agent next-best-action, API/message driven

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Hi-fidelity speaker separated audio acquisition in real-time for more accurate speech analytics

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Graphical data discovery and presentation within eureka Analyze powered by Tableau

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Automated PCI and sensitive data redaction from audio and transcript

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Acquire audio without call recording, metadata integration, customize presentation within existing systems

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Marketplace for accessing, sharing and installing pre-built content

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Engagement Optimization. User community and product forums

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Speaker Separation

Converter for splitting mono audio files into speaker separated audio for improved analytics



Integrated analytics for combining text-based and audio interactions


Solution Packs

Pre-built use cases and topic based content for rapid time to value

Language Packs

Alternate languages for transcription, redaction and speech analysis


Intensive, personalized analyst training program


Step-by-step guides for achieving ROI


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