High-quality audio for customer and agent insights 

CallMiner Capture enables high fidelity speaker separated audio to be accurately transcribed and redacted in real time. Capture works in parallel with legacy call recording systems by enabling stereo for speaker separation with uncompressed audio acquisition at scale, powering quicker and more accurate speech analytics.

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Capture UI

The quality needed for the most accurate data analysis

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Omnichannel contact center integration

CallMiner Capture works with a wide range of contact center infrastructures and audio codecs. Standards-based IP and SIPREC support make it easy and efficient to acquire high fidelity audio with existing call recording or for organizations that do not currently have a call recorder in place. A self-configurable, premise-based installation enables secure access to audio and transcription data within CallMiner.

Securely record the history of your interactions with customers

Analytics focused UI

Analytics-Focused Audio Capture

  • Audio for in-the-moment or rapid post-call processing
  • TLS 1.2 encryption with redacted audio, never at rest
  • Efficient foundation for contact center audio designed specifically for speech analytics

Speaker separated UI

High-Quality, Speaker-Separated Audio

  • Supporting upper audio sample rate formats
  • Efficiently capture audio without compromising on quality based on storage limits
  • Enables analytics focused on customer and agent speakers

Easy integration UI

Easy Integration

  • IP & SIPREC support for a wide range of telephony environments and codecs
  • Rapid self-configurable premise-based installation
  • Works in parallel to existing call recording solutions with no impact

Key Features

Disk-Free Storage

Bypass call recording to immediate, secure hosted storage for instantaneous presentation, analytics, and real-time alerting or guidance, regardless of call volume.

Categorized Intelligence

Create triggers, such as churn language, to categorize calls and integrate with associated alerts and reporting.

Dual-Channel Audio

Generate accurate transcriptions from both the customer and the agent to analyze customer experience and agent performance.