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Pricing Approach


Time to value with results that scale with your insight to action needs are supported by CallMiner Eureka pricing.  Eureka is licensed by volume of interaction data – either call recording hours or text interaction (hour equivalents) – that you analyze.  Included training and ongoing support ensure cost effective success.

Get Enterprise-class analytics starting at only a few cents per minute!

Volume discounts reduce pricing to a fraction of a penny per minute!

Enterprise Ready


CallMiner focuses on the Software in Software as a Service. Our software features & subscription pricing are focused on getting you to value quickly without hidden costly service fees.

Capabilities CallMiner Eureka The Other Guys
Full Transcript on Every Call Included $
Onsite Product Training & Online Learning Portal Included More $
Analyst Training Included Get out your check book
Installation/Configuration Included* Nope
Hosting Fees Included Read the fine print
PCI Sensitive Data Redaction Included Charging extra for compliance?
Out-of-the-box Solution Content Included Doesn’t exist
ROI Playbooks Included Don’t ask
Access to the Community Included Community?
Online Category Library (Eureka Xchange) Included No such thing
Customer Success Director Included If you’re lucky

* Integrations to a single supported data source (call recorder)

Grow with CallMiner Eureka

Pay for What you Need


CallMiner Eureka is the most comprehensive AI-fueled customer engagement analytics solution. Post-call analytics, agent performance feedback, real-time automated monitoring, multichannel support and more are consolidated within an integrated platform. Pay for what you need without redundant charges when adding new capabilities.

CallMiner Eureka offers the flexibility to address your customer interaction analytics needs when you want.

Security demands PCI redaction for call recording? We got that.
Need agent quality scores covering call, chat, email? No problem.
Need call search but not agent feedback? We have you covered.

Cost-Effective Feature Options

  • Redacted Call Recording Export
  • Text Interaction Mining (Chat, Email, Social)
  • Additional Language Packages
  • Managed Analytics Services (MAS)
  • Business Intelligence Analyst (BIA) Certifications

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