DoublePositive Teams Up with CallMiner to Improve Agent Performance and Customer Intelligence

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DoublePositive Improves Agent Performance with Speech Analytics

Founded in 2004, DoublePositive, an OSG company, is a performance marketing company that helps clients connect with customers by scaling lead generation and acquisition efforts while lowering costs. DoublePositive uses a variety of methods such as calling, voicemail, email, and social media to validate records and qualify prospects provided by its clients.

“Once prospects meet a client’s rigorous set of criteria, we transfer them back to our clients so that they can spend their efforts on the consumer rather than contacting and qualifying.

“We use proprietary systems along with CallMiner AI-driven speech analytics, which is a big part of our business intelligence process. It provides us with actionable insights that improve our relationships with our clients, and provides our clients with insights that improve their relationships with their consumers, increasing lifetime value and revenue,” says Mike Wolek, VP of Contact Solutions at DoublePositive.

DoublePositive’s Agent Performance Challenges

DoublePositive utilizes several OSG-owned contact centers and more than 900 agents, including a network of partner contact centers to ensure uninterrupted service at scale. This large network means the company’s quality and compliance team of three quality control managers and two quality assurance managers have the daunting responsibility of monitoring 30K-40K interactions a day for regulatory compliance and disclosures. It was virtually impossible to track every conversation manually.

“It was this challenge that first led DoublePositive to add speech analytics to our technology stack. Since that time, we have expanded our use of speech analytics to address additional challenges and help us improve our ability to better serve our clients so that they can better serve their consumers,” Wolek says.

Solution: A Phased Approach to Speech Analytics

Mitigate Compliance Risk

DoublePositive first implemented CallMiner to monitor regulatory compliance and mitigate risk. One of the first projects was identifying consumer language for mentions of “do not call” or “remove me” from a list. DoublePositive matched this language with disposition codes and found that errors were being made where agents were marking calls as incomplete.

“By being able to find these and other errors, we were able to overcome them and add consumers to the “do not call” list on the back end, within 24 hours. This helped mitigate our risk of exposure to regulatory fines, providing a great fail-safe for the company,” says Mark Crowley, Quality and Compliance Manager at DoublePositive.

Improve Agent Performance & Increase Conversion Rates

DoublePositive also focused on monitoring and scoring in script adherence to improve agent quality and overall performance. Early into this effort, with the help of CallMiner, the company was able to bucket agents into performance ranges based on specific KPIs and compare average script adherence scores with each performance bucket.

“Using speech analytics, we were able to quickly see that there was a strong correlation between script adherence and performance scores for getting consumers qualified and over to our clients’ acquisition teams. CallMiner Analyze was able to drill down into the recordings and transcripts and show what an agent specifically said as opposed to what was on the script. This gave us the metrics we needed to meet with agents to discuss performance objectively.” Crowley says.

DoublePositive was able to build trust and credibility with its agents while driving campaign performance and increasing client trust. “In under two years, speech analytics insights enabled us to increase conversions by 44%, leading to greater volume from our clients and stronger, long-lasting relationships,” Crowley says.

With CallMiner, DoublePositive was also able to identify agents that didn’t necessarily follow the script, but attained a better result. This allowed the company to quickly adjust for any flaws in their call center scripting and processes, and replicate one agent’s success across the entire agent population.

Train More New Hires Faster at a Lower Cost

High turnover and the need to constantly provide new hire agent training was another challenge for DoublePositive. Before an agent ever got to a live call, they would take practice calls in a sandbox environment to get them acclimated withthe CRM system and dialer, the proprietary scripting engine, call flows and typical obstacles they might encounter. Training new agents was a high-cost endeavor that required significant time from QA analysts who fielded the simulated calls.  

“CallMiner allowed us to look at 1000s of training calls, find every scripted line that trainees said. By analyzing the data and timestamps, we were able to find the optimal time for when a trainee should finish each part of the script. This allowed us to record one side of the conversation perfectly timed to simulate both the consumer responses and the client responses. We could even simulate the transfer where the agent, client and consumer were all on the call at the same time,” Crowley said.  

“Effectively, speech analytics enabled our trainees to dial into simulated calls for a full three hours versus just 20-30 minutes with the old method. It also allowed trainees to complete dozens of calls rather than just six to eight. We’ve been able to cut the sandbox time in half while increasing the amount of actual practice time by 500%.”

Provide VOC Business Intelligence to Clients

DoublePositive began to collect and analyze business intelligence and voice of the consumer (VOC) insights to share with their clients to better service their needs and integrate more effectively into their business model. In one instance, DoublePositive created categories and queries that captured all the language used by consumers to explain why they chose “not” to move forward with the client’s product or service. CallMiner made it quick and easy to bucket language from over 5000 calls a month, into reasons for disinterest.

“Correlating list source with supplier ID allowed us to provide insights to our clients that they then could use when talking to and assessing their suppliers. This proved to be invaluable information that enabled our clients to improve the quality of the leads they provided to us, as well as help us adapt our own strategies and scripting for overcoming objections, improving conversion rates and ensuring the growth and longevity of our partnership with our client. We could never have tapped into these insights without CallMiner,” Crowley says.

Next Steps

DoublePositive recently started using Visualize, part of the CallMiner Eureka platform. “With Visualize, we will be able to view our contact data in graphs and charts that reveal new insights in an easily digestible way. This will help us spotlight trends, problems and opportunities even faster and share them with our clients,” Crowley says.

“We are strongly committed to providing actionable insights to our internal departments as well as our clients. CallMiner continues to evolve to make this possible.”


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