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Use Big Data for a chance of having a Big Year in 2017

    Post by: Frank Sherlock, VP, International, Sales “AN AGE of uncertainty is upon us” according to The Economist. Many other sources suggest that 2017 will carry a lot of unknowns, both for businesses and individuals alike. We could just wait and see what happens. But, as the saying goes, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. In a world of uncertainty, being able to […]

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How Did Speech-Reco Get So Much Better So Quickly?

By: Mike Dwyer, Vice President Research & Development, CallMiner You may have noticed that the speech recognition in your phone (Siri) or your car (Ford Sync, BMW DragonDrive), or your home (Alexa) has gotten remarkably better in the past 18 months (or you may still not be using it because of that one time it […]

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5 Reasons Speech Analytics Is Critical in Call Center Collections

Collections contact centers and accounts receivable management (ARM) firms face a constant challenge: balancing the need to maximize payments while maintaining quality service and strict compliance. Add to that complexity an increasingly strict regulatory environment and you’re left with collections firms under pressure to make sweeping and costly changes in order to remain competitive in […]

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3 Best Practices for First Call Resolution

Today’s competitive consumer marketplace demands that customer-facing companies adopt strategies to foster meaningful interactions with customers.  It’s no longer enough to provide good customer service – organizations need to constantly be thinking about now to build and maintain customer relationships to drive customer loyalty and retention. Forrester’s latest “State of Loyalty Strategies” report, in fact, […]

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Top 3 Reasons Your Call Center Needs Customer Engagement Analytics

By definition, “customer engagement” is an effect, a reaction, a connection, a response, and/or an experience of customers with one another, with a company, or with a brand. But what does customer engagement actually mean? According to CRM expert Paul Greenberg, the first step toward establishing valuable customer engagement is understanding what value means to [...]

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3 Key Takeaways From #CallCenterWeek 2016 in Las Vegas, NV

Thousands of call center professionals. One spectacular location. Five days of inspirational, educational, customer-oriented keynotes, sessions, demos, and more designed to help companies deliver exceptional customer service. This year’s #CallCenterWeek (CCW) in Las Vegas, NV showcased what is becoming increasingly clear: Customers expect service on their own terms whenever they need it, in whatever digital […]

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What Can You Do to Maximize Your Speech Analytics Technology?

Speech analytics in the call center holds many advantages: reduced operating expenses, outstanding customer experiences, increased company revenue, and reduced customer attrition. By giving you critical insight into agent performance (as well as customer sentiment), speech analytics can result in a more effective call center operation overall.

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Webinar: How Your Analysts Can Get More Actionable Insights from Interaction (Speech) Analytics

This month’s webinar, to be held on March 24 at 1:00 PM EST, will discuss “A Day in the Life of an Interaction Analytics Analyst.” Congratulations, your organization has made (or is considering making) the wise investment in automated interaction analytics to help support agent performance, compliance and optimal contact outcomes.  Now, how do your […]

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Upcoming CallMiner Webinar: 5 Secrets of Success When Migrating to Real-Time Interaction Analytics

CallMiner hosts monthly webinars with the aim of sharing topical, relevant information for the contact center industry – as well as providing best practices and results from multiple organizations and industries that have used customer interaction analytics programs within their own contact center. This month’s webinar, to be held on January 21st at 1:00 PM […]

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