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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: February 2023


Bruce McMahon

February 04, 2023

Evaluation Calibration
Evaluation Calibration

One of the most impressive things about the CallMiner platform is our breadth of capabilities, and our ability to solve for a wide range of use cases. Customers use our platform to solve for everything from contact center inefficiencies to product or service shortcomings – but from the start, we’ve always placed particular focus on automating quality assurance programs.

Our latest release, 2023.02, builds on this focus. New calibration features empower customers to continue advancing their automation journeys. CallMiner focuses on meeting QA teams where they are; we know that full automation doesn't happen overnight, but by embracing it in stages, our customers are quickly realizing more value than ever.

New Calibration options align supervisors and quality teams

For most contact centers, it’s tedious to align quality analyst teams and supervisors when doing manual evaluations. It often requires very manual processes – I’ve seen some done in Excel documents or even pen and paper. In our latest release, we’ve introduced automated calibration capabilities that allow multiple users to view and score the same interaction at the same time, ensuring supervisors and quality analyst teams can effectively and fairly evaluate agent performance.

We’ve coupled the ability to efficiently perform call calibrations with reporting that displays the scores across all quality teams for easy calibration analysis. Now, quality analysts can ensure that other team members are on the same page when scoring manually and can easily see all the scores in a single view, without impacting agent coaching and evaluation processes.

Evaluation Calibration

CallMiner Solutions now available in native Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

As you’ve seen from previous releases, we’ve continued to invest in the CallMiner Solution Catalogue, which contains hundreds of topic models built out for various business use cases.

Many of these out-of-the-box models now support native Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, allowing teams to analyze conversations in those languages with ease. Solutions can be turned on to start uncovering critical insights in customer conversations immediately, ensuring customers are getting faster time to value. Many of our solutions are already available in several different languages and dialects, and we’ll continue to expand our solutions with new languages and dialects over the coming year.

Solution Catalogue Portuguese French Canadian

Stay tuned as we continue to roll out monthly release updates.

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