Top 7 Things You Need to Know to Improve Contact Center Operation and Customer Experience


To significantly improve your contact center operation and your customer experience, “what” data you capture and analyze is crucial.

Join Jerry Sokol, former CTO and designer of award winning omnichannel and analytic products. Now Principal of Biz Meets Tech, he provides practical solutions to organizations struggling with tough call center business and technology challenges. In this webinar, Jerry will outline the 7 metrics that are essential to track to help you understand the most important details of your operation. He will also provide an actionable framework for using them to improve the customer experience and contact center efficiency.

Attendees to this informative webinar will learn:

  • The 7 most important metrics/data to collect that have the greatest impact on business success
  • The importance of thinking from the customer’s perspective
  • What metadata you should capture
  • Why you should chart the journey across channels
  • What you can do with actionable insights to truly make improvements

Download the slides here


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