How to run CX programs that generate significant ROI


Learn how Customer Experience (CX) can generate a return on investment by looking at examples of how real companies have found ROI on their CX investment.

Join Martha Brooke, Founder of Interaction Metrics, and learn how to find ROI for your customer feedback and customer service programs. The usual approaches fall short, customer feedback is managed with generic metrics like NPS and CSAT, and customer service is evaluated along the lines of Average Hold Time and Abandonment Rate. For provable ROI, your approach needs to get more specific—customer feedback should deliver actionable to-dos that drive growth, and customer service evaluations should pinpoint exactly what representatives ARE saying—and what they SHOULD say to improve your KPIs.

Attendees to this informative webinar will learn:

  • Why companies often struggle to get ROI on customer feedback & customer service
  • A better approach to customer feedback, one that prioritizes actionability and drives ROI
  • A way to manage customer service that has clear, calculable returns

Download the slides here


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