How Frontline Migrated from Manual to Automated Scorecard with Speech Analytics




Among the immediate and well documented values of deploying a speech (interaction) analytics solution in your contact center is the opportunity to radically enhance your Quality Assurance program. By automating the monitoring, categorizing, tagging and scoring of 100% of your agent/customer interactions , your organization can now migrate from random call manual scoring to timely and comprehensive automated scorecards. The benefits are enormous. But how do you begin the scorecard migration process?

Join Frontline Asset Strategies’ Ryan Blake and James Magnuson as they review their journey from manual scoring to designing and implementing a successful automated agent scoring system.

Attendees to this informative webinar will learn how speech analytics works and how Frontline:

  • Planned phases to migrate to an automated scorecard model
  • Uses their Automated Scorecard Program
  • Powers agent compensation with automated scoring
  • Achieved quantifiable results

Download the slides here


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