Customer interaction insight and
discovery through search


CallMiner Eureka Starter makes speech analytics accessible by offering full speech transcription of every customer conversation together with rich search and discovery tools, all as an affordable monthly subscription. Coupled with turn-key integrations for popular cloud-hosted call recording systems, Eureka Starter is the ideal way to begin your journey to full customer engagement analytics.

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Increased Contact
Center Efficiency
AHT Reduction – Find long calls and high silence
Increase FCR – Search for repeat call language
Call Deflection – Retrieve and analyze short calls
Better Customer
Incident Analysis – PR issues, promo mentions
Dissatisfaction and escalation analysis
Product and service feedback
Improved Agent
Search for desired and undesired behavior
Tag calls for future recall and review
Simplify review through data rich, contextual playback
Reduced Risk and
Find and analyze calls with risky language
Find calls lacking required language
Lower likelihood of fines and lawsuits
How can Eureka Starter
Impact your Organization?

Advanced Searching & Filtering

Highly flexible search engine for ad-hoc searching and filtering of call and chat transcripts. Can search for words, acoustic measures and metadata.

Enterprise-grade Speech Recognition & Transcription

Based on the same best of breed LVCSR speech recognition and transcription engine as Eureka Enterprise Edition.

Contextual Call Playback

Playback of call audio is synched to text transcripts. Select the words, phrases, search hits or tags and listen to the associated audio snippet.

Tagging & Commenting

Tag lists of calls or specific portions of the transcript within a call, for future recall and review. Add comments to call transcripts.

Topic Miner® Discovery Tool

Surface interesting insights and moments in transcripts with TopicMiner’s content visualization tools, including graphical tag clouds which automatically identify interesting moments in any set of calls retrieved through search.

Full PCI Redaction

CallMiner’s cloud-based analytics platform is a secure solution that is independently PCI Certified for data security and confidentiality. PCI data is fully redacted during ingestion from both text transcripts and call audio to prevent exposure of sensitive customer information.

Dedicated Online Community

Dedicated community space on Engagement Optimization, CallMiner’s thriving online community for customer engagement professionals. Connect with other members to leverage their collective knowledge and dramatically increase the value you get from speech analytics.

Turnkey Integrations

Simplified onboarding process and quicker time-to-ROI through turnkey integrations with popular cloud-based call recording services, including:

Or your calls can be sent directly to Eureka through the Ingestion API.

Customer interaction insight and discovery through search.

Eureka - Starter Edition