Running Off the Leash: Cloud-based recording and voice analytics will clearly reveal the Voice of the Customer


A parable in the information technology industry is that the velocity of technology change enables breakthrough advances every three years. This is now true with the onset of In-Network Analytics. Using the pristine quality of VOC captured directly in the Telco network, the enterprise now has an opportunity to inexpensively and simply make conversational analytics available in real-time from a data source that is native, uncompressed and speaker separated.

Whether employing an in-sourced contact center model, utilizing BPO’s for outsourcing or the combination of both, the enterprise will now be conducting voice of customer analysis from an intelligence layer that is utterly comprehensive and provides complete consistency and transparency.

This whitepaper looks at how cloud-based recording and voice analytics can reveal the Voice of the Customer. It also includes:

  • Call Center Challenges
  • Benefits of Cloud Reporting & Voice Analytics
  • CallMiner VOC Solutions

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