Getting Started with Real-Time Speech Analytics


From high-growth sales, to legal compliance, to best-in-class customer satisfaction, maximizing agent performance in the call center is a top priority for today’s businesses. Smart call centers recognize the value of top performing agents: they can resolve issues quickly and efficiently, deliver better service, and mitigate risk for the organization by being complaint with increasingly complex regulations.

The issue call centers are facing today is that many have adopted a post-call speech analytics solution, meaning calls are not reviewed until they are over. In this fast-paced world where customer interactions are shared over social media as they happen and a bad customer experience can go viral in minutes, monitoring your agent performance in real-time is becoming increasingly important.

This whitepaper will show you how Santander Consumer USA successfully leveraged our real-time monitoring tool. It also includes:

  • Post-Call Analytics vs. Real-Time Monitoring
  • How Real-Time Monitoring Works
  • How to Deploy Real-Time Monitoring

Learn more about CallMiner’s real-time monitoring tool or contact us directly for more information.