Use Interaction Analytics to Successfully Migrate to an Automated Scorecard System

When every contact counts in your engagement center, insight from all interactions is crucial. But if you are still using a manual QA process, it’s just not feasible. By using an automated interaction analytics and scorecard system, you can gain insight from 100% of contacts and improve operational efficiency, sales performance and compliance adherence.

Join Tiffany Leonard from Southwest Credit Group and Kyle Carter from Axcess Financial as they discuss their organization’s migration journey from a manual QA process to a highly effective and comprehensive automated interaction analytics and scorecard system.

Interaction Analytics Help Accelerate Performance & Retain Quality Agents

Although there is no “magic bullet” for solving the challenges of call center agent churn, analytics, smart staffing, and coaching go a long way to address the most pressing problems. Join us to hear from Quality Analytics Manager Adam McCord how Bluegreen Vacations uses interaction analytics along with innovative personnel programs to motivate and retain better, more productive agents.

5 Tips for a Successful Real-Time Interaction Analytics Migration

Real-time interaction analytics can provide contact centers with significant performance improvement, faster new agent ramp-up, and enhanced compliancy. Learn the secrets of a successful migration from experts with first-hand experience. CallMiner’s January webinar will feature Charles Felsberg and Chris Malmfelt of AMCOL Systems who will detail AMCOL’s real-time interaction analytics journey from pre-design to deployment, to deriving performance value and all of the steps in between.

Interaction Analytics Drive Customer Service Excellence for Mercedes-Benz

Join Mercedes Benz Financial Services AQ Manager Rhonda Ludbrook and Call Center Services Manager Colleen Unick as they discuss how they used automated analytics to help develop and maintain their world-class customer service experience.

Interaction Analytics Improve Sales and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Join Speech Technology award winner and global contact center customer engagement provider, Afni, on this webinar. Quality Supervisor, April Bevolden, will share several examples of how Afni uses speech and text analytics to improve customer satisfaction and positively impact the bottom line. In one story, April explains how Afni used analytics insights to help diagnose the cause and discover the cure for what was ailing one of its clients.

Using Automated Speech Analytics to Reward Agents

In this webinar you will learn how Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC used automated analytics to measure and reward attainment of revenue goals and adherence to conduct and regulatory policy. Join Director of Compliance, Nikki Noyes, as she reviews the process Stoneleigh went through to migrate to a highly effective automated scorecard-based agent compensation model.

Find and Leverage the Bright Spots in the TCPA Ruling with Speech Analytics

This session discusses the current TCPA landscape for members of the credit and collection industry and the bright spots in the FCC’s recent Declaratory Ruling. Tomio Narita of Simmonds & Narita LLP reviews the ruling and in particular the “prior express consent” and the “definition of called party.” Subject matter includes an overview of these elements and the ways in which organizations can use analytics to adjust their approach to compliance in order to limit exposure to TCPA cases.

Bridge the Gap Between Manual and Automated Quality Assurance

In this webinar hear a first person narrative on how Michelle Correal, Senior Manager, Operations Process at Sokolove Law LLC was tasked with and succeeded in taking her organization from a call center with a manual QA structure to an automated QA environment. The webinar will review the process Michelle and her team went through to migrate both the operation and the culture of Sokolove Law from “the old world” to the new.

Capture the Real Customer Experience with Speech Analytics

Martha Brooke from Interaction Metrics will share her thoughts on how to best use speech analytics to improve customer market image, NPS, and CSAT/CX results. If your organization relies on direct or outsourced surveys, or if you already use analytics for call center compliance, performance, or efficiency purposes, you don’t want to miss this presentation!

Interaction Analytics Drive Agent Performance in the Call Center

Watch this session to learn how progressive organizations are delivering analytics driven automated feedback directly to agents to enable more effective call handling, motivate through competition, and deliver a better customer experience. Learn about best practices and hear how TradeGlobal, a leading global end-to-end commerce provider serving fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, has overhauled their quality program to implement the shift towards automated and direct agent feedback.

Use Speech Analytics to Build a Successful At-Home Agent Program

Jim Farnsworth, Executive Vice President of Professional Services at Teleperformance, will lead a discussion on the growing practice of employing at-home agents, focusing specifically on how new technologies can better support remote agents as well as improve the overall customer experience.

The Critical Components of an Effective Call Monitoring Program

Watch this webinar to gain insights into call monitoring and scoring best practices to help you start developing your call-monitoring program according to CFPB regulations. This conversational webinar will provide guidance from leading compliance consulting firm Kirkpatrick Price and answer questions about the proper structure of your program, components of your scorecard, and how to design, implement and utilize effective call monitoring analytics as seen through the lens of successful leading ARM firm Sentry Credit, Inc.

Speech Analytics Improve Sales Effectiveness & Customer Service

After finding success using speech analytics to improve sales effectiveness, DEFENDER now uses insights from speech analytics to optimize multiple essential functions of agents in their contact center, from customer service to compliance. Molly Sollie, Manager of Quality Assurance at DEFENDER, will highlight wins from shortly after the original deployment as well as the steps DEFENDER has taken to evolve their speech analytics program over the past year.

Avoiding CFPB Complaints with Speech Analytics

In this webinar, compliance experts John Bedard and Jessie Skibbe will review the most common CFPB complaints and explore how turning data into effective performance metrics can improve compliance and increase collector performance.

Speech Analytics Empower Call Center Agents

Learn how The Results Companies is improving agent performance by using direct, personalized feedback loops and CallMiner myEureka. The Results Companies is fundamentally changing the way agents receive coaching by presenting actionable speech analytics data and identifying opportunities and trends.

Migrating to a Real-Time Analytics Driven Contact Center

This webinar, featuring guest speaker Robert H. Obringer, S.V.P. of Compliance/General Counsel at Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd., will discuss the benefits of using speech analytics to automate real-time monitoring and how early adopters are putting it to use.

Why Agents Quit & Strategies to Increase Employee Retention

In this webinar, Craig Reines, former Chief Customer Officer at Vodafone Australia and former Head of Customer Experience at Clearwire Corporation, will discuss his experiences working in call centers around the globe and why he believes today’s quality assurance methodologies are a major contributing factor to agent turnover.

Improve the Agent Recruitment & Onboarding Process

Tenure breeds success in the call center – the longer an agent stays with your company, the better service they will provide and the better experience your customers will have. The challenge many call centers face is how to improve their recruitment, training, and onboarding processes to reduce agent attrition rates within the first 90 days of employment.

Best Practices in Building a Customer-Centric Organization

Many organizations still struggle to put the pieces in place to transform their operations, both inside and outside the contact center, as part of a commitment to make customer satisfaction and loyalty a top priority at all levels of the business. Learn how Pershing is utilizing tools such as speech analytics to build an award winning customer service program.

How to Achieve Award Winning Results with Speech Analytics

Nautilus and State Collection Service cover their strategies and use cases that led to their award winning implementation results. In addition, CallMiner covers the importance of speed to intelligence in the contact center.