7 Ideas to Improve your Quality Management

Looking to improve Quality Management in your contact centre? This webinar will be of direct interest to you.

In this webinar we look at practical ideas on how to improve your quality management programme to drive bottom line results.

How to Course Correct Your Speech Analytics Program

Join Contact Center subject matter expert Jim Rembach of the Fast Leader Show along with Tony Pirotta, Chief Compliance Officer of Credit Control, LLC and Jennifer Buffaloe, CallMiner Customer Success Director for a compelling conversation on their experiences and insights. They will discuss the initial launch, how to overcome internal challenges and ongoing utilization of speech analytics to drive sustainable success in the modern contact center.

CRMXchange Tech Tank: Analytics and Quality Assurance

Keeping customers happy requires a business to learn as much as possible about what they’re thinking to accurately anticipate their needs. Join us as we discuss how to gain customer insights to more accurately measure, track and improve the quality of the customer interaction.

5 Best Practices for Multi-objective Speech Analytics Rollouts

Whether you are large or small, successful speech analytics deployments for organization with rollouts across multiple lines of business can pose a unique set of challenges. Nearly every customer contact leader calls analytics an investment priority, but so many wonder how to get the most out of analytics.

How to run CX programs that generate significant ROI

Join Martha Brooke, Founder of Interaction Metrics, and learn how to find ROI for your customer feedback and customer service programs. The usual approaches fall short, customer feedback is managed with generic metrics like NPS and CSAT, and customer service is evaluated along the lines of Average Hold Time and Abandonment Rate. For provable ROI, your approach needs to get more specific—customer feedback should deliver actionable to-dos that drive growth, and customer service evaluations should pinpoint exactly what representatives ARE saying—and what they SHOULD say to improve your KPIs.

How Nationwide Credit Corp Found “Silence is not Golden” and other Jewels with Speech Analytics

Speech (a/k/a Interaction) Analytics has the power to improve both functional efficiencies and the results expected from the clients you serve in your contact center. Furthering your success is the ability to independently customize your speech analytics solution to accurately discover and address the unique operational and performance goals of your organization.

Join Shaunta Holmes of Nationwide Credit Corp as she takes the webinar audience through NCC’s initial efforts with speech analytics and how they discovered and realized improvements in key operational and agent performance areas.

Top 7 Things You Need to Know to Improve Contact Center Operation and Customer Experience

Join Jerry Sokol, former CTO and designer of award winning omnichannel and analytic products. Now Principal of Biz Meets Tech, he provides practical solutions to organizations struggling with tough call center business and technology challenges. In this webinar, Jerry will outline the 7 metrics that are essential to track to help you understand the most important details of your operation. He will also provide an actionable framework for using them to improve the customer experience and contact center efficiency.

Incentives that Work – Powering your Agent Motivation Programs with Interaction Analytics

Lots of contact centres use incentives to drive up performance, but how do you know which ones really work?

Join us for this exciting webinar where we look at the effectiveness of various incentive approaches to motivate the right agent behaviour.

How To Achieve Optimal Revenue Recovery While Maintaining TCPA and FDCPA Compliancy

The 2017 CFPB Annual report is here and with predictions of increased consumer debt in 2017 comes a renewed pledge from its chairman to ensure vigilance in consumer protection. While a new administration in the white house could mean changes in regulatory policy, the challenge for collection of consumer debt firms remains the same — maximizing recovery rates while maintaining compliancy with current and future regulations.

How Frontline Migrated from Manual to Automated Scorecard with Speech Analytics

Among the immediate and well documented values of deploying a speech (interaction) analytics solution in your contact center is the opportunity to radically enhance your Quality Assurance program. By automating the monitoring, categorizing, tagging and scoring of 100% of your agent/customer interactions , your organization can now migrate from random call manual scoring to timely and comprehensive automated scorecards. The benefits are enormous. But how do you begin the scorecard migration process?

Join Frontline Asset Strategies’ Ryan Blake and James Magnuson as they review their journey from manual scoring to designing and implementing a successful automated agent scoring system.