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Call Center Employee Engagement Trends of 2019

Monday, July 15th

Employee engagement is a persistent problem at contact centers, as evidenced by high employee attrition rates, flat or declining sales, increased customer service complaints, and increased compliance violations.

When contact center agents are more engaged at work, your business can optimize engagement with customers.  The tools needed for better agent performance include training, feedback, and analytics.

Hear from CallMiner and employee engagement experts nGuvu in a discussion of the employee engagement trends in 2019.




Creating Customer Service Super Agents with Data, Tech and Coaching

Tuesday, July 16th

Hear from guest Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research as we discuss these trends as well as how they will help optimize the efficiency of your contact center operations, agent performance (and happiness), and customer experience.

Learn on this webinar:

  • The three customer service megatrends for 2019
  • What role will AI play in transforming your contact center
  • How to utilize customer engagement data for better experiences
  • Evolution to more emotionally in-tune agents
  • Tracking the empathy of agents

Can You Hear Me Now? How to Use Speech Analytics to Close More Sales

Wednesday, July 17th

The telecommunications industry (cable, internet and digital phone) is one of the most competitive in the country, and has an estimated revenue of $90 billion for 2019.

Hear from J.Lodge, a recognized leader in contact center quality assurance and analytics, how they quickly launched, scaled, and adjusted tactics in their speech analytics programs to double close rates for a national telecommunications provider.

And hear how those results were shared just not in the contact center, but across divisions and into the customer experience c-suite.

In this webinar learn:

  • How through analytics and adjustments you can double close rates
  • How agents can respond to customers who push back on upsell opportunities
  • How combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence provides unparalleled business insights
  • How speech analytics supplies the knowledge to fine-tune scripts for agents to increase sales

Zeroing in on ideal Coaching Moments

Thursday, July 18th

Join leading smart home service provider Vivint’s Ben Austin and Jacob Miller for an enlightening session on how they have designed and utilized automated speech analytics to extract KPI targeted scores and route those critical insights through an API to their own customized dashboard to track and coach on agent scoring/behaviors.

This webinar will cover:

  • How automated speech analytics can be applied to the QA process
  • How to determine the right calls and KPI’s to coach from
  • How to effectively deliver accepted target scoring to your agent community
  • How insights can be externalized outside of the analytics platform

How Automated Quality Assurance Improves Your CX and Bottom Line

Friday, July 19th

Quality assurance (QA) is mission-critical in your contact center as it is often the only tool available to determine why customers and prospects are calling, emailing or texting your business.  Analytics-enabled quality assurance (AQA), a feature of speech analytics, the AQA application can cost-effectively listen to 100% of calls and identify company, product or employee trends.

Hear from industry expert Donna Fluss of DMG Associates and learn:

  • Why it’s time to replace your traditional QA program with AQA
  • What AQA is and how it works
  • How AI and machine learning are enhancing the enterprise-wide benefits of QA
  • How AQA can take insights beyond the contact center
  • Case studies that demonstrate the benefits of AQA

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