Your Workforce Has Gone Remote: Now What?

Forbes LogoIn the face of the ongoing pandemic, many companies have pivoted to fully remote working. To those who are deemed essential personnel and continue to work from their traditional workplaces, thank you for your unwavering commitment during this emergency. We appreciate you.

As many companies and employees adjust to a new normal consisting of conference calls from the couch and dining room workstations, they need to prepare for new challenges and ensure they have what they need to create long-term success. With the right communication, systems, operations and engagement, remote work can not only function, but it can also be just as effective — if not more — as working at the office.

Communication Is Key

Keeping your employees abreast of business updates is important no matter the circumstance, but especially so during a disruption. Establishing a cross-functional taskforce responsible for defining and communicating policies and changes to your employee network creates stability in times of uncertainty.

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