Why AI And Robotic Process Automation Are The Perfect Match

Forbes LogoArtificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being recognized as the future of customer service. This way of thinking has only been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic as needs for efficiency, agility and productivity continue to rise.

But what about robotic process automation (RPA), which is conventionally thought of as a “human replacement”? I’m here to tell you that RPA is a burgeoning application that’s leveraging AI, especially AI-driven analytics, to automate tasks. When combined, the two can be used as business and innovation accelerators that not only improve the employee experience, but the customer experience as well, leading to improved customer loyalty, brand reputation and overall bottom-line results.

Keeping Employees Engaged

It’s no secret that workforces have experienced significant changes over the last few months, with most rapidly shifting to work-from-home environments. For those in customer service, the challenges have been twofold as they navigate and respond to a growing number of consumer inquiries and shifting customer needs. The task of empowering reps to deliver great customer service while also dealing with abnormalities has many organizations turning to AI and RPA.

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