We Shut Down The Use Of Profanity In Customer Service Interactions. But, In Doing So Are We In Danger Of Missing Something?

Forbes LogoFrom time to time I come across research from outside of the service and experience domain that makes me wonder whether or not the findings can be applied to help us better understand how we can improve team performance, service and experience.

One such study published in 2016 in the Journal of Consumer Research by Professor Jordan Etkin at Duke University focused on investigating the impact of wearable technology devices, like Fitbit watches, on their owners. What the study found was that measuring an activity tends to make the amount of activity rise. However, at the same time, it can also drive down the level of engagement and enjoyment associated with that activity.

So, in a previous Forbes article, I explored this idea by asking what that could mean for management practices and whether our current predilection for tracking and measuring employee activity could be having the same effect, i.e. driving higher output but decreasing engagement. Following on from that, I then asked if that could also be undermining our ability to deliver exceptional service.

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